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Souvenir Merchandise

Souvenir Merchandise

Souvenir merchandise is an essential tool in any marketing campaign, as these perfect promotional gifts allow a client to feel valued and cared for. The use of souvenirs can also promote customer retention, as they serve as a constant reminder of your company/organisation whenever a client uses your merchandising. With EMC’s souvenir merchandise, you can reap the rewards of a cohesive branding campaign today.

Souvenir Pens, Pencils & Highlighters

For a cost-efficient, yet powerful promotional gift, EMC’s wide selection of pens, pencils and highlighters are a great range to consider. Souvenirs such as the colouring pencil set, Stabilo Boss original highlighter and Senator Dart clear pens are fantastic for any occasion, and they are one of the most commonly used forms of merchandising for increasing brand awareness. By choosing to advertise your company/organisation using writing equipment from EMC, it’s more than likely that you’ll receive an increase in the acquisition of customers, as well as conversions. These signature souvenirs are fully customisable too, with many colours and designs to choose from, so they can be matched to any brand aesthetic.

Souvenir Shopping Bags & Cases

If you’re looking to create even more of a brand presence with your target audience, our various bags and cases - such as the 5 Oz cotton shopping bag, Andro shopping bag and full colour neoprene pencil case – are effective choices. These bags and cases are great value, on offer for a minimal price and are made with the highest quality materials. They’re designed as long-lasting gifts that boast a large canvas size for logo designs too. These bags and cases are also customisable with different colours and can be personalised with your unique designs and messages.

Other Souvenir Merchandise by EMC

For non-conventional forms of merchandise that are ideal as souvenirs to clients, take a look at our hard enamel and soft enamel pin badges, which create a sense of brand exclusivity that potential customers would love to be a part of. EMC also offers various coasters, such as the square Brite-Mat® coaster, as well as t-shirts like the Gildan softstyle ladyfit t-shirt; serving as constant reminders of your brand and acting as continual ‘free’ advertising for those who see them.

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If you have any queries about a specific product in EMC’s souvenir merchandising range, or for any general enquiries, feel free to contact us today by phoning us on 020 8492 2200, or by email. Alternaively, you can take advantage of filling out and submitting our online form.

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