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Mints, Sweets and Chocolate

Promotional Sweets, Promotional Mints, Promotional Chocolate

Almost anything can serve as a promotional gift, and many marketing campaigns make heavy use of practical or functional gifts in the hope that they will see the longest use, and also reach the widest audience. However, the sheer variety of available promotional gifts means that a lot of strategies can be pursued, and edible advertising items are another viable avenue to pursue.

Products like promotional sweets and promotional mints may have a finite lifespan, but come with the advantage of being exceptionally affordable, and can be effectively used to reach almost anyone. No matter what your target market might be, promotional sweets and mints can usually be incorporated within a campaign with little effort, meaning that they simply cannot be overlooked when you’re considering what kind of gifts to make use of.

Because everyone has their favourite food treat, we supply a comprehensive range of edible promotional gifts to ensure that your campaign influences the widest possible range of people. Our assortment is not restricted to promotional mints and promotional sweets, so we can also bring you promotional chocolates, promotional biscuits and promotional tea. Additionally, we stock items designed to complement definite calendar dates, such as chocolate Halloween balls or our mini chocolate Easter egg. So whether you’re trying to promote your brand to children through a Kinder Surprise Pack or engage with the festive audience using some advent calendars, we’ve got every eventuality covered.

At EMC Advertising Gifts we’ve been in the promotional gifts industry for more than 40 years, and our complete catalogue of available stock is far too broad to be shown on our website in its entirety. If you’re looking for something and can’t find it, or would like some advice regarding which gift types would prove most useful to your campaign, please call us on 02084922200 now.

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