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Making a difference with EMC

Community and volunteering have been at the heart of EMC’s ethos since day one. We have always supported local national and international charities with overstock, discontinued lines, returned samples and with our time.

For the past couple of years we have been collecting clothing, bags and stationery items for refugees arriving into the ‘jungle’ camp at Calais and in the UK. A cause very much close to the heart of retired director John Kay who has been co-ordinating these efforts. Until the closure of the camp these goods were used in particular in the improvised school where volunteers attempted to give some semblance of normality for the children in the camp.

Last year, we met Paul Dunn, an extraordinary man who blew us away with his passion for a remarkable organisation called buy1give1. The premise of which is that as you sell you can give.

By linking these activities together it is easy to see a direct result and add an extra purpose to your sales efforts. We were so keen that we committed to lifetime membership immediately and started to plan our launch.

From January 2017 every delivery of branded gifts by EMC will trigger a donation to the B1G1 projects that we are supporting and together we can work to make a real difference. To see greater detail of the projects we are currently supporting please visit promotional gifts for good.



If you have any questions about our charitable activity please email Simon.

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