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Meet the team

Hi, I'm Gina!
Name: Gina Tofallis
Role: Director - My role as a director is to focus on the end to end customer experience. Ensuring that every interaction helps the customer understand their order and any options that could improve the end product.
Experience: Joined EMC in 1987 after working in the travel industry. After nearly 30 years, I still get excited learning about a new range or a different way to print. In 2010 I had the opportunity to take over the leadership of the company and together with Simon took on the business to drive it forward into the 21st century.
My Favourite Product: It would have to be the humble pen. Pen printing has been the bedrock of EMC and will always be a special product for me. They have a large print area, giving great exposure for your logo and details and wherever you go whatever you do you always need one.
About Me: I am at my happiest surrounded by my family. My wonderful husband (of 29 years) and my two beautiful girls are my life, corny I know, but it's the truth. I have a great circle of friends and we enjoy getting together most weekends. We also love to travel when we can.
Hi, I'm Simon!
Name: Simon Kay
Role: Director – Main interest areas are marketing the business and web presence, but I also love new and interesting products and gadgets.
Experience: Joined EMC in 2007 after working in IT, HR Systems and Benefits and Financial Recruitment. I was very excited at the opportunity to jointly take over the business with Gina in 2010 and have never looked back.
My Favourite Product: Podium Sports Chill Bottle – I have never found a better drinks bottle for every use, mine goes with me everywhere.
Currently Writing With: I have two very full pen pots on my desk as you can imagine but the ones on my keyboard right now are a CROSS Tech 4 multi-function pen and a Kuru Toga, self-propelling pencil.
About Me: I have many interests but there is one that is above all else, the quest for the perfect spaghetti bolognaise…only joking…I'm afraid it's the Arsenal Football Club. As well as attending football games, I love playing football, golf and tennis and spending time with my wife and sons.
Hi, I'm Liz!
Name: Liz Perry
Role: Sales Executive – I love the challenge of sourcing the best quality promotional gifts at competitive prices, ensuring a first class customer experience.
Experience: Joined the team at EMC in 2013 after 20 years working as a senior account manager in advertising & marketing.
Favourite Product : Power banks, I always keep one charged up and ready to go in my handbag, it has saved me from peril on more than a few occasions.
Currently Writing With : Senator Challenger Pen.
About Me : I have a passion for travel, visiting new places and experiencing different cultures and also have a great love for animals in all shapes and sizes.
Hi, I'm Sarah!
Name: Sarah Bouette
Role: Key Accounts Executive, working with select customers to build their brand exposure through branded giveaways and clothing.
Experience: I have over 10 years' account management experience within the promotional gifts and print industry. I love attending industry shows to source new products and print ideas and exhibiting for EMC to have a chance to engage with people who may otherwise never have found us.
Favourite Product : Microspot cleaner, it is a simple, inexpensive product yet gives your brand great exposure right on your clients mobile phone. We always give these away at shows on our business cards.
Currently on my desk : Geographica desk calendar, while outlook is great for setting appointments and storing information there is nothing like a desk calendar for quickly working out lead times and project cut off points. I also love the amazing landscape pictures and look forward to each new month.
Hi, I'm Canner!
Name: Canner Akbaba
Role: Sales Executive - I love engaging and building new relationships every-day and getting that buzz when a customer has positive feedback for our service and their chosen products.
Experience : I came to EMC on work experience during my last year of college and liked it here so much that I came back after finishing my course. A year on, I am now getting a good handle on the vast range of products and all of the branding methods.
Favourite Product : Highlighter Spinner- I annoy my colleagues a lot with this product. You can’t help playing with it whilst you’re on hold on the phone. It’s also practical with three different colour highlighters in a small item.
Currently Writing with or On My Desk: Senator Point Metal Ballpen- The best pen I have used whilst being at EMC.
About Me : In my free time I enjoy playing football and spending time with my family and friends. My goal one day is to travel the world and visit all the beautiful islands.
Hi, I'm Lucy!
Name: Lucy Mason
Role: Key Accounts Manager
Experience: I have been in the EMC team for 13 years, gaining a brilliant knowledge of the industry, forming close relationships with our suppliers and building a portfolio of great accounts which I am proud to manage. I have also completed a customer service qualification, getting right in to the nitty gritty of how to look after people with care and attention. I look after the key accounts at EMC and love the challenge of working with the most demanding and fast paced projects. There's nothing like the thrill of presenting to a new prospect for the first time and nothing as satisfying as seeing the process all the way through from that first meeting to an on-going trusted supplier relationship being the first call for anything within and often outside of our remit.
Favourite Product: I love my little Fuzzy man with paperclip hair, it's amusing and useful.
Currently on my desk: Promotional sun lotion in the hope of those sunny days we are expecting!
Hi, I'm Nishou!
Name: Ni-Shou Tran
Role: Studio Artist
Experience: I have been in the team at EMC since 2004 including 3 years part time where I completed a masters in graphic design. My role centres on helping customers to make the best use of their marketing assets within the print parameters of our products. I also produce various types of transfers and labels on our Versacamm printer for our in house production.
Favourite Product: Tape measure – I just can’t live without it, I am constantly measuring print areas and designs.
About me: I am an avid practiser of a range of martial arts, my main passion is Wing Chun, the Chinese art of close combat.
Hi, I'm Dagmara!
Name: Dagmara Tacher
Role: Production Manager
Experience: Joined EMC in 2014 with experience of production management in different industries (office furniture maker; chemical distribution).
Favourite products: Juggling up to 300 orders at a time keeps me busy so I am always keen to find something useful. The dual function pen I have at the moment provides an instant highlighting solution without looking through drawers or a pen pot, great time saver. ( AC26 MMS – attached)
Currently on my desk: Job bags for all the orders that are signed off and in production as well as a few artistic doodles.
About me: I'm a real hobbyist, whether it's yoga, walking, knitting, painting or drawing. My latest project is handcrafting espadrilles with sequins. I am also a keen pianist playing anything from Bach to the Beatles!
Hi, I'm Kyri!
Name: Kyri Ermogenous
Role: Marketing Support
Experience: I recently joined the team at EMC to compliment my part time degree course. It is great to get practical experience working in a customer focussed environment to put my learning into practice.
Favourite product: I love the idea of the fully customised board games like Cluedo and Monopoly. You can take the standard games and then rename all of the characters or properties to make it specific to your company or event.
Currently on my desk: As I am updating our website and adding new products I get all kinds of weird and wonderful things cross my desk but one of the most useful things I have seen this year is the mobile phone strap, which is an elastic loop that sticks to the back of your phone to make it more comfortable to hold and prevent you from dropping it.
Hi, I'm Nita!
Name: Nita Thomas
Role: Accounts Manager
Experience : I joined EMC in 1998 and really enjoy working here. My role is the management of our financial processes.
Favourite Product : My EMC calendar mouse mat helps me to instantly see where we are in relation to a reporting or accounting requirement.
About Me : If I don't have my head in EMC's books it will most likely be buried in one written by Dean Koontz. When I can pull myself away from reading I like caring for dogs and socialising with my friends.

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