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Charity Merchandise

Charity Merchandise for Charity & Fundraising Events

Charity merchandise is a great way for charities to create a powerful and long-lasting positive impression with their target audiences. With the option to fully customise all of the merchandise within this range, you can be certain of a positive outcome as well as increased brand awareness.

At EMC Advertising Gifts, we stock an incredibly large and diverse collection of merchandising products specifically designed for charity events. With such a wide array of products available to choose from, your event will easily stand out and boost the message that your charity is trying to convey.

Finding the Right Product

Charity merchandising doesn’t have to be an extravagant display of expensive products; it simply needs to be something that can effectively deliver a message to your target audience. With this in mind, you may benefit from checking out our various keyrings such as the durable and cost-efficient plastic trolley coin keyring as well as EMC’s shopping bags for a subtle, yet powerful messaging tool.

EMC offers carefully selected merchandise that promises to  deliver a bigger visual impact, such as our hand clappers, printed balloons and t-shirts. All of EMC’s charity gifts are invaluable multi-purpose tools used for successful event promotion and are fully able to cater to all different types of events.

The charity merchandise range also includes many different types of money-collection buckets, such as the charity collection bucket, as well as hand-held containers, such as the charity container; these products can also be personalised with your charity’s branding for an added effect that yields positive results.

Complement Your Charity Merchandising with Personalised Souvenirs

Once the promotional event draws to a close, you may wish to send guests home with personalised souvenirs, which are the perfect complement to the charity merchandise that EMC has to offer. Adding gifts from both of these merchandising categories is sure to make your charity event a phenomenal branding success that ensures both visibility and awareness.

If you have any questions regarding EMC’s charity merchandise range, feel free to get in touch today either by phone, email or via our quick and simple online form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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