XOXO Gossip Gifts: How to Get Your Business Talked About


One sure fire way of getting your business known is through word of mouth, and if there’s one thing people can’t stop doing, it’s talking.

We’re sure you’ve heard people in the streets, in the pubs and in the shops talking about a particular brand or big name. It’s not enough to simply provide an award winning customer service and the best products on the market. If you can’t burst your way into the household, it’s unlikely you’re going to get a great following of customers.

The best way you can get those tongues wagging is by offering free, unique promotional gifts. The rest, as they say, will take care of itself.


Business people show thumb up

If it’s different, they’re going to show people

Offering a unique and individual promotional gift is a conversation starter in and of itself. People adore a gift nobody else has; it’s a special toy or gadget they can show off to their friends and family. They want ┬ápeople to ask them where they’ve bagged such an amazing find. They want to show it off in all of its glory and, most importantly, they want to talk about it.

Making your promotional gift that special something at the centre of their conversations will greatly help to get your business name known.


Group of Women- iStock_000043326832_Medium

If it sparks a question, people will want to answer it

Whether it’s a catchy phrase, a contemporary design or a handy gift, if it sparks a question your potential clients will want an answer. It’s human nature, we can’t help ourselves; a question must be met with an answer. If that question is simply “Where did you get that?” or “What does that business do again?” you’re generating interest and before long, you’ll have a queue of curious people at your door!


Woman Hiding Behind a Question Mark

If it’s usable, it’s going to get used

Offering people with an efficient, effective tool they can use over and over again in everyday life is a great way to springboard a conversation about your business.

You’ll be thought of as clever and considerate utilising everyday tools for your potential customers when they need it more. The more your gift is used, the more it will be seen, it will be noticed and it will be talked about!


Think outside the box concept on blackboard

When it comes to selecting promotional gift people won’t be able to stop talking about, we know just what you need. As the best supplier of promotional gifts, our vast range covers everything from food and beverage, to leisure activities and stationary. If you’d like more information about our range of gifts, contact us today on 0800 170 7570. You can also find us on facebook, twitter and Google+!


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