Why Your School Needs Promotional Products

Promotional products are often found at the likes of exhibitions and fairs. They make great promotional tools to build the branding of your business and help make consumers aware of your services. But somewhere else that can really benefit from promotional products are schools.

School Supplies

Schools might not be somewhere you imagine promotional items being a necessity; after all, schools are not businesses. However, promotional gifts in schools serve a number of useful purposes for the school, the students and their parents. Here are some of the reasons why a school can benefit from promotional products:

Build Relationships

Building a relationship between a school and its students and their parents is incredibly important. Children spend a significant amount of time at their school for many years, creating many memories and shaping their future for the rest of their lives. Carefully planned out promotional products from the school can help to build and strengthen the relationship the student and parents have with the school, as they allow them to feel rewarded and the parents included.

Promotional gifts can be a useful tool that helps children outside of the school environment. For example, a promotional USB stick will help students complete their homework at home and allow them to easily bring it into school the next day to print off, perfect for students who don’t have a printer of their own at home. Branded lunchboxes will also encourage students to bring a homemade lunch into school, letting the parents feel more included in their child’s school experience.


Fundraising is an integral part of any school experience, whether it’s for the school itself or to raise money for a charity project. Whatever the cause, fundraising helps foster a sense of community and support in the students, as well as the parents and teachers. Promoting the school throughout these fundraising events with branded merchandise is a great way to promote the school and get everyone involved, encouraging donations to the cause.

Promote the School

The primary purpose of promotional gifts is to promote, and promotional gifts are certainly a great way to promote the school. At your school’s next open day, why not utilise branded products to help advertise your school to prospective students and their parents? Pens, books and keyrings are all great products that can be branded with the school’s crest and logo that attendees can take away with them. Promotional gifts will undoubtedly raise awareness about your school.

Create a Sense of Pride

Promotional gifts aren’t just for trying to attract new students to your school, but they’re also great for current students to instil a feeling of pride in their school. A student’s pride in their school is essential to their educational well-being. If a child feels proud to attend their institution, they are more likely to care about their studies and do well, as they will want to live up to the reputation that the school upholds.

Promotional products are an excellent way for the students to feel included and a part of their institution as a whole. Using school-branded pens or school-branded water bottles will certainly help create this sense of pride in their institution and encourage them to think highly of their place of learning.

Promotional Gifts for Schools

At EMC, we have an extensive range of promotional products that would make ideal giveaways for a school environment, here are just a few ideas:

Promotional Pens

Promotional pens are the perfect, affordable way to utilise school-branded merchandise. Available in virtually any style, pens can be printed with your school name and logo and are perfect for classwork and homework. At EMC, we have an extensive range of promotional pens, including the Bowie Ballpen, available in 15 colours.

Bowie Ballpen

Promotional Notebooks

To go along with those branded pens, consider branded notebooks. Students are forever needing notebooks for their studies or revision. A school-branded notebook will certainly come in handy and encourage students to study hard. Our A7 Mole notebooks are available in a range of colours and have a print area for your school’s name and logo.

Promotional Notebooks

Promotional Drinks Bottle

Children should be encouraged to drink water throughout the day, and what better way to do this than provide them with their very own school-branded water bottles? At EMC, our 750ml Baseline Bottle is the perfectly affordable bottle that comes in a range of colours and caps, with a full colour printed label available.

750ml Baseline Bottle

Promotional USB Stick

For older students, USB sticks are an incredibly useful product that they will love. Perfect for taking work home with them or bringing in homework, a USB stick is a promotional gift that they can use time and time again. At EMC, our flat top USB drive has a laser engraving option or print area available for your school’s name and logo.

Flat Top USB Drive

For all your promotional product needs, EMC Gifts are your first port of call. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more, or you can browse our extensive range of products on our website.

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