Why You Should Use Gifts to Promote Your Online Business

E-commerce businesses have a challenge when it comes to getting their brand in the public’s consciousness. As an online business, you have the advantage of no doubt being better equipped to take advantage of digital advertising. While brick and mortar shops will use social media and online platforms just as much as online companies, they most likely haven’t caught up with just how powerful online marketing is and will still use less effective, traditional forms of advertising such as billboards and newspaper ads.

However, physical shops still have the power of branding on their side, as physical branding sticks easier in mind than seeing an advert on a screen that is often scrolled passed very quickly. When people stroll past a physical shop day after day, they are likely to take note and be aware of that brand. So, for e-commerce businesses, you need to be smarter about your marketing to compete.

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Gifts have always been a great way to promote a business. But you may not see the appeal as an e-commerce business. However, promotional gifts have the power to promote your online business; here’s how:

Create Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is paramount for any business. It means that consumers can immediately identify your business, your logo and associate your products and services with your name. Promotional products have the power to help potential customers recognise your business, especially if the product is something useful that they may carry with them.

Take promotional pens or promotional bags. These items can become staples in people’s lives; the pen that they always reach for when they need to make a note, or the bag they take to the supermarket to avoid having to get a plastic bag. And with your logo and company name printed right across them, your brand is getting out there, earning recognition. Additionally, when the person who owns the promotional products needs services or products like the ones you offer, they should remember your business from all those times they used your pen or bag.

For more unusual or elaborate gifts, this can have the effect that potential consumers remember your business due to the association created when they received that great gift from a stand or exhibition. Whether it’s a power bank, a reusable travel mug or even a spaghetti measure, people will remember unique gifts, and thus will remember who gifted them.

All of this serves to create a powerful association not only in the minds of the people with the gifts, but those who see them carrying them around, helping to build brand recognition.

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Business Exposure

Similar to brand recognition, promotional products will get your brand some real exposure that isn’t just online. Online ads pass by in a flash, and most consumers won’t even give them a passing glance. In fact, studies that have used eye-tracking technology to assess where people look on a webpage, find that both mobile and desktop users tend to avoid looking at advertisements – the phenomenon is known as banner blindness.

However, promotional products are always in front of eyes – depending on which gifts you choose give away. And the right kind of gifts will increase your business exposure on a daily basis. More exposure equals more customers for your business. According to a study by the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), 88% of people could recall the name of the advertiser from their promotional products, and 85% have done business with said advertiser as a result of receiving the item.

Functions Like a Business Card

Business cards are your introduction to new consumers; they let them know how they can contact your business. Promotional products function in the same way, except they are even more effective.

Business cards are often lost or thrown away, and they rarely leave an impression. With useful promotional products, potential customers are more likely to keep them. In fact, the PPAI reported that 82% of respondents to their study had at least one promotional item, with 81% saying they kept them because they found them useful, and 53% claiming to use them at least once a week. Amazingly, 47% even said they keep promotional products for more than a year.

Promotional products can be customised with your company’s web address and email, so they can function in the same way as a business card, offering all the same information but with the added benefit that they serve a useful purpose, making them valuable to potential customers.

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At EMC, we provide a wide range of promotional gifts that can be printed with your branding. Contact us today to find out more or browse our site to see what we can offer.

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