Why You Should Update Your Promotional Office Supplies Today

With offices across the country spending the majority of the year being closed, now is a great time to update all those promotional office supplies. Promotional supplies are a great way to demonstrate to clients and your employees that you care about your brand and that they should too. People love mugs, pens and notebooks stamped with their company’s official logo, it makes them feel like part of a team and more cohesive in their work.

But with everything being closed for so long, why not refresh your office with some brand-new branded merch to make everyone feel great when they finally return? Here’s why you should update your promotional office supplies and what you could get.

Office Supplies

Offices Opening Back Up

When the lockdown was announced back in March, it was recommended that everyone who could do their job from home should do so. This included an awful lot of office buildings, as many computer-based jobs can be done just as efficiently from home.

But with rules easing up and the government encouraging people to head back into the office, you could likely see the return of your employees very soon, if you haven’t already. Why not make their return even better by having some brand new promotional office gifts waiting for them? Everyone loves new merch, and after all these months of uncertainty, your employees would really appreciate some new things to make them feel valued and welcomed back to the office.

Clients Returning

With your employees returning to the office you will also eventually see your clients returning. Showing clients around your office building or hosting meetings is a critical component of doing business, and having promotional products present in the office will help the clients feel more at ease and assure them they’re doing business with a reputable company.

Serve them coffee in a branded mug, give them a branded pen to write with or even gift them a stress ball with your logo splashed across the front. Clients love merch just as much as employees, but it has the added benefit that they will take it away with them and have a little piece of your business with them at all times. Every time they take out that pen to make a note, they will see your logo and contact number. It all reinforces the idea that they should do business with your company, helping you build your clientele.

Perfect Promotional Office Supplies

If you think purchasing new office supplies is the perfect avenue for your business to take right now, EMC Gifts has everything you could possibly need. Take a look at some of our popular office gifts:

Promotional Pens

Branded pens are the classic promotional gift and no doubt the one that you have come across the most frequently, and there’s a reason for this. People always need pens, and most tend to carry one around with them in their bag or pocket.

With promotional pens that have your logo, company name or even contact details, you can give them out to clients to continually remind them about your business. They also make great gifts for employees to have around the office to write with, so they feel like they are a real part of the company with the official pens. At EMC, we have a wide range of pens to choose from, including gel pens, ballpens and BIC pens.

Bic Grip Roller


Second only to the promotional pen, the promotional notebook is another incredibly popular office staple. They are perfect for taking notes in meetings or for generating ideas in the office. Your employees will love them; they are the ideal promotional gift that will be infinitely useful to your workers.

At EMC, we can provide you with a range of notebooks, including mole books, recycled notebooks, ruled notebooks and even a notebook with a wireless charging station. Whatever you need a notebook for in your office, we will have one to suit the needs of your employees.

Eco Notebook and Pen

Flash Drives

Flash drives are incredibly useful in offices for saving important documents and securely transferring them. Employees will love them as they can help make their jobs easier, and they also make an excellent gift for clients. If you need to give documents or information to a client after you’ve met with them in person, you could give them what they need on a personalised flash drive. They will appreciate the thoughtful gift, and they will see your company name and logo every time they use it.

At EMC, we have a range of USB flash drives including flat top ones, ones that twist closed and 3D moulded ones that can be made bespoke to any pattern or shape you like.

Flash Drives


The office mug is an absolute classic. Avoid those Monday morning kitchen arguments amongst the staff about who stole their mug with identical company mugs for everyone to use. They’re perfect for employees to have their morning coffee and to give to clients during meetings. They reinforce the idea that you are a legitimate company with your personalised merch, and they will always come in handy.

At EMC, we have everything from the classic white mug with a print area for logos, thermal mugs, travel mugs and much more.



Keyrings are just one of those gifts that never go out of style. People love keyrings, there is just something about them that is really fun, and they’re great for practical reasons. Employees will love having them for their keys, to show their pride for the company they work for, and clients can keep them around and be reminded of your business every time they unlock their door.

At EMC, we have a wide range of keyrings to suit every budget, with keyrings from just 50p, or keyrings with teddy bears, bottle openers, LED torches, miniature fans and trolley coins.

Trolley Coin Keyring

Promotional office gifts are the perfect way to welcome back your employees to the office, and clients too. If you’re looking for a wide range of promotional gifts, EMC has everything you’re looking for. Check out our extensive range today and feel free to contact us for more information.

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