Why Choose a Promotional Pen?

At EMC we are passionate about providing the perfect promotional gift for your company in order to get you noticed! Whether that’s creating bespoke mouse mats or offering our high quality promotional pens, we work hard to make sure you get the optimum return on investment.

When it comes to these promotional pens, we can’t underestimate the value of their promotion for a business, that’s why we’re passionate about pens. But why should you opt for one? Well, why do so many people? There are numerous reasons why so many businesses opt for this wonderful promotional item, starting with the fact that they get you noticed!


Convenient Business Card

Pens may be small, but they are mighty! Through simply printing your details across one of these handy tools, you can distribute your information in a widely accessible manner. Everybody needs a pen, not everyone is going to keep hold of an octagonal piece of decorative card. Pens are the ultimate business card in that not only are they accessible and easily distributed, they are super handy!

Quality to Reflect Your Style

The pens we supply at EMC are all great quality, from our 18p plastic click pen to our rolled gold cross fountain pen, so whichever you choose, you can be sure that you are providing your potential customer with a high quality pen. Why does this matter? Well, it reflects on you! The power of association is strong, so providing a useful and high quality promotional gift provides similar connotations. You’re not just a regular company, so why should your promotional tool insinuate that?

Unsure what kind of pen to offer your clients? Have a look at our handy guide here!

 Easily Distributed

We’ve touched on it with the convenience of a business card, but the particular ease of distribution of this promotional tool cannot be overstated. Not only are they easy to hand out, they are cheap enough to hand to both previous and potential-future clients. Not only that, you can give them to family and friends and allow the natural distribution to take care of itself! There needn’t be any focus on a particular promotional campaign; these wondrous items essentially distribute themselves, often on a local and global scale! How many times have you left somewhere with an extra pen in your pocket by accident? Exactly!

Pens2The promotional power of the pen is a powerful thing! Not only can you spread your company name around with very little effort, but you can choose whatever message, details or quality you would like to purvey. So what are you waiting for? Contact one of our friendly team of promotional experts on 0800 170 7570 and allow us to provide your company with the perfect promotional pen to not only reflect your company, but to get your company noticed!

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