Which Promotional Products are the Best for Your Industry?

Promotional products are a fantastic way to raise brand awareness among consumers, but also to provide creative and unique gifts for employees that will make them feel appreciated in the workplace and give them a sense of pride for the company they work for.

When you think about promotional gifts, you might just think of branded pens and notebooks. But there are thousands of different items that can be branded that would make the ideal gift for your workers and customers alike. Whatever industry you’re in, there’s a promotional gift to suit. Here’s a look at some different career sectors and which gifts would be well suited to them:


If you work in the financial sector, you can’t be without a good, sturdy pen. Everything may be done on computers nowadays, but nothing beats the smooth precision of writing things by hand – and you’ll have plenty of notes to make and figures to jot down. Our Cross Calais Ballpen is beautifully stylish and comes in your choice of black, blue or satin chrome.

Cross Calais Ballpen

And of course, we couldn’t leave out the classic calculator, every financier’s secret weapon. Our Promotional Casio Calculator can be personalised with your design or logo. Yes, we know you can do all those sums in your head, but it never hurts to double-check, does it?

Promotional Casio Calculator


If you’re in the fast-paced business world in a managerial role, you’re likely responsible for a lot of processes and people. You always need to look your best to make a good impression on clients and your fellow workers. That’s why, with our Travel Shoe Polish Kit, your footwear will always be looking great, perfect for the manager on the move.

Travel Shoe Polish Kit

And to keep all your business cards, pens and notebooks organised, our Rackpack Desk Topper has divided compartments for making organising your stationery a breeze. It even starts out as a gift box for a bottle of wine which turns into a desktop organiser, two gifts in one!

Rackpack Desk Topper

Charity Work

Working for a charity either as a volunteer or manager is a stressful and noble job. It’s a rewarding industry that gives you the chance to help those less fortunate than yourself and give back to the community in a positive way. As your workers are no doubt busy with fundraising and organising events, our Breakfast Mugs are perfect for busy people on the go. With a separate compartment and a plastic spoon, it’s fully equipped for breakfast dining wherever they are.

Breakfast Mugs

And for promoting your charitable cause, don’t forget to check out these adorable Dexter Teddy Bears. This little guy can have his t-shirt personalised with your logo, so everyone knows what you’re raising money for.

Dexter Teddy Bears

Creative Arts/Design

When you work in the arts, you no doubt have a lot of supplies to carry around with you. From art materials, bulky cameras or posters, there’s a lot to lug around. That’s why these Full Colour Tote Bags are perfect for you; with a full-colour design on each side, they are vibrant and perfect for showing off your brand as you securely carry your things.

Full Colour Tote Bags

As with any industry, your name and brand are everything. So, don’t forget to get your logo printed on one of our 100% cotton Earth Positive Ladies T-Shirts or Earth Positive Men’s T-Shirts.

Earth Positive T-Shirts


If you work in the environmental sector, chances are you care about your impact on the environment. Well, we have a wide range of eco-friendly products, including our Eco Notebook and Pen, the notebook is made from recycled paper, and the pen has a recycled barrel and biodegradable plastic parts.

Eco Notebook and Pen

Every eco-warrior needs a reliable, reusable coffee mug. Our Brite Americano Mug is available with a full-colour print, and its screw-fix lid comes in a choice of twelve colours.

Brite Americano Mug


The healthcare industry includes a wide range of careers, from doctors to nurses, admin staff to counsellors. Regardless, you’re likely to encounter a wide range of illnesses daily. That’s why our handy Desktop Hand Sanitiser Gel is the perfect accompaniment for the desk of any hospital or clinic worker to keep those germs at bay.

Desktop Hand Sanitiser Gel

If you work in healthcare, you surely know all about the importance of keeping fit and healthy. So, you can get your very own Yoga Blocks with your logo printed on the front to hand out to your staff to get them motivated into moving.

Yoga Blocks


IT is an extensive field that is growing every day. Chances are you love data, coding, and solving computer problems…or at least, you’re good at it. Working at a computer all day every day isn’t good for the body, so our Promotional Wrist Rest is a great way for your IT workers to protect thei

r wrists from repetitive strain injury. This soft foam rest provides a comfortable rest for the wrist and can have your logo printed across the top.

Promotional Wrist Rest

And of course, those working with computers can’t be without a USB stick. Well, this Twister USB with Micro USB allows you to connect to smartphones and computers, so you get the best of both worlds.

Twister USB with Micro USB


When you work in hospitality, you need to be organised. You’ll constantly be chasing up payments, booking venues or even cooking for huge groups of people. To stay on top of everything, get yourself a Personalised Desk Calendar, so you always know what’s coming next.

Personalised Desk Calendar

As you’re likely on the go a lot and will need to be in contact with clients, you’ll always need your phone on and charged. That’s why the Wireless 10W Fast Charging Pad can keep your phone ready for action wherever you are.

Wireless 10W Fast Charging Pad


Construction is a tiring job with a lot of heavy lifting and physical effort. Make sure you stay hydrated during big jobs with our Tang Water Bottle, ideal for drinking water on the job and available with your logo.

Tang Water Bottle

You probably like listening to music while you work. Well, with the Stark Bluetooth Speaker, you can play your music through Bluetooth for up to two hours with this stylish, wireless device.

Stark Bluetooth Speaker


When you’re constantly travelling for a job, whether as a pilot, flight attendant or driving lorries across the country, you need to be ready to spend the night away from home. Our 6 Piece Airline Travel Pack is perfect for those needing to get settled in for the night anywhere.

6 Piece Airline Travel Pack

And don’t forget to keep all your documents safe with a Travel Wallet, perfect for storing passport, credit cards and other items so you always know where your relevant documents are.

Travel Wallet

At EMC, we can provide you with a choice of thousands of different promotional and corporate gifts suitable for a wide range of industries and events. If you’d like to know more about any of our products, do not hesitate to contact us.

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