What to Put in a Promotional Gift Bag

Your promotional gift bag and its contents are an essential utensil in your marketing toolkit.

Not only do promotional gift bags generate brand awareness and loyalty by rewarding your customers and clients, but they’re a cost-effective part of your marketing strategy, intended to generate sales and increase leads. Building a strong brand is vital to gaining trust and promoting the personality of your business.

The question of what to put in a promotional gift bag can be a challenging one; promotional pen vs highlighter, mug vs water bottle, USB flash drive vs power bank. With a multitude of choices, perhaps the biggest question is, what are the most effective products to put in a promotional gift bag?

Gift Bags

Assess the Situation

First, you should assess the situation in which you will be handing out your promotional gift bag. Consider the seasons, what type of event you are giving the promotional gifts bags out at, and most importantly, who the recipients of the bags are.

Items that are the most useful for specific scenarios will get more mileage. Think umbrellas for winter and sunglasses for summer; it wouldn’t make any sense trying to give out promotional scarves during the middle of a heatwave. Promotional gifts themed around the holidays are also a great way to go, like Easter, Valentines and Christmas Day themed goodies.

Keep your recipients in mind, too. Students might not have much use for branded cufflinks, but they’d love a keyring bottle opener or a reusable mug. Similarly, professionals may not be enthralled with a teddy bear but may be quite taken with a power bank. Always make sure you put yourself in the shoes of your client so you can select the optimal gift for them. The more useful an item is, the more it will get used – and the more your brand will be out in the big wide world for more eyes to see.

So, what should you put in that promotional gift bag?

The Promotional Pen

Promotional pens will always be the way to a businessperson’s heart. We’re not kidding. A pen remains the #1 most useful item you could find in a promotional gift bag. It’s a must-have in any business environment – even with all the technology buzzing around us, people still reach for a good old-fashioned pen when they need to make notes. It is also perhaps the easiest way to expose a client to your brand over and over again.

Look around you now for the nearest pen – we bet it has got a brand on, and we bet you have a quick look before you use it. Clever!

Branded Pen

Edible Gifts

Free gift = yes. Free food = even bigger yes! When you combine the two you’ve got a big win!

No matter who you are or what business you run, what could be better than something which can feed your branding needs and feed your customers hunger? Literally. These types of promotional gifts aren’t too common, so you are sure to surprise the lucky customer.

At a conference or event, your promotional gift bag and its edible contents will be more appreciated than ever – especially if the event takes up the whole day.

Is there a better way to say thank you to existing loyal customers or even new customers than with a sweet treat? Not only can the packaging be branded, but the food itself can also have your logo on it. We’re not kidding, check out our Printed Biscuits.

Printed Biscuits

Something Unusual

No one likes boring. Especially when it comes to business. Some of the most popular and well-loved brands are adored because of their quirkiness and creativity. When it comes to your promotional gift bag contents, try to think outside the box (or bag!).

Pens and food are a great addition to a promotional gift bag, but always make sure you throw something in there that your clients won’t be expecting. Unique gifts work because they have the element of surprise; combine that with giving them something that they will actually really like, and you have yourself a double whammy.

Check out our Spaghetti Measure, the perfect addition to any kitchen that people don’t even realise they need. Everyone has experienced the stress of not knowing how much spaghetti is too much or too little, but with this gadget, people can wonder no longer. It’s a simple tool that can be branded with your logo, and your clients will love how surprisingly useful it is, and how thoughtful it was for your company to gift it.

Spaghetti Measure

Or how about this infinitely useful Smart Utility Card? It combines 25 useful tools into one compact credit card sized package. Perfect to put away in a wallet to break out in an emergency. Your clients will love how useful it is and will think of your company every time they break it out to fix a problem. Keep your brand’s personality at the forefront of your choices and you’ll be thinking out of the bag in no time.

Smart Utility Card

The Bag Itself

While the contents of your bag are the jackpot – the bag itself is like the rainbow, it leads the customer to the gold! It is just as crucial for first impressions. Again, don’t forget to represent your brand. An environmentally linked business and brand? Go for a roped handle and bags made from recyclable materials. Targeting a millennial customer? Go for a funky canvas bag which can be reused. The options are endless.

Promotional Gift Bag

Now you have an idea of what to put in a promotional gift bag you can put your new knowledge to the test and create a promotional gift bag that’s certain to impress.

Contact EMC for all your promotional gift needs. We provide everything you could need to create your best promotional gift bag – and most of all, to represent your brand’s personality and character. After all, business shouldn’t be boring.

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