What to Do in a Careers Fair for Graduates

Careers fairs are perfect opportunities for people to create and develop business relationships and staying up-to-date with what’s happening in their industry. For graduates, job fairs can give them an insight into the market and the relevant companies there, as well as helpful information about entering the workforce.

Many graduates, therefore, are still interested in attending these events, which means you can benefit from attending as well. But what exactly should you do once there?


Provide Relevant Information

When graduates attend a careers fair they’re looking for useful information that can help them in their job search. Doing presentations where you showcase your business or organisation is a great way to go about it, especially because graduates are interested in knowing about a wide range of different companies in their industry.

Having interesting and useful pamphlets and brochures on hand can also make the difference, since it’s something graduates can take home and read more leisurely, if they so wish.

All in all, avoid referring graduates to your website – you may want them to learn more about you and the work you do, but graduates are attending a careers fair, so they’re looking to contact people and having face-to-face time. If they wanted to stay online, they wouldn’t have attended the event.


Offer Promotional Products

Offering promotional products to graduates at a careers fair provides an excellent opportunity: they can also help you increase brand awareness with graduates, which can help you get your name out there in a positive light. They’re also great to drive traffic to your stand, as people love free things!

Graduates are looking for a job and they welcome the chance to receive cool and useful items, so ensure that you do promotional giveaways – they will leave a memorable, lasting impression with graduates.

Pens, notebooks, bags and travel mugs, for instance, make great promotional gifts for graduates. They can make use of them while they’re searching for a job and the fact that the items are branded means grads can easily research companies and even apply for positions in them.


Talk to the Attendees

An extremely important element to any careers fair is engaging in conversation with visitors to your stand! Networking is useful for everyone, whether experienced workers or graduates looking for their first job, so help them create new contacts and getting to know people in their industry by talking to them.

Graduates will also be looking for job opportunities, so if you have vacancies to fill, getting to know the attendees of a careers fair means you’re already halfway there. After all, you’re gaining access to a large number of candidates for the job, so you get to pick the right one for the job amongst dozens of qualified applicants.

Careers fairs not only bring a world of advantages to graduates, but they also benefit you and your business. Make sure that you’re completely prepared before you go to job fairs, so that you can fully take advantage of what they have to offer!

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