What Does Your Pen Say About You?

This may sound crazy, but the type of pen you’re naturally drawn to can actually give an awful lot of information about the type of person you are. Stick with us on this; there is some method behind our apparent madness.

By the end of this article, exploring the weird and wonderful of all things pens, you should be able to successfully attach yourself to at least one of the following pens and scenarios.

Ballpoint Pen – The Practical One

It’s safe and simple; you can’t beat a ballpoint pen, can you? One of the most iconic branded pens on the market, the humble ballpoint offers unrivalled reliability and practicality that you just love.

If your hand is drawn in by the alluring qualities of a ballpoint pen, the chances are you’re the go-to individual when someone is looking to get something done efficiently and in a methodical manner. You are a voice of reason when an office squabble breaks out – never change!

Highlighter and Marker Pens – Full of Fancy Flair

Colour… Colour everywhere. While it may seem frankly wrong to write in a promotional highlighter or marker pen, you see the absolute beauty in it. Your notebook is full of colourful mind maps, after you’ve highlighted almost every single word on each page.

If you love a good highlighter or marker pen, you’re 100% a creative, vibrant soul. Always coming up with innovative ideas that will help shape the face of your business, you are a driving force of inspiration – never let anyone put a dampener on your flair!


Red Pen – The Editor

Picture the scene… It’s 4:50 pm on a Friday, and someone declares to the room they need a proposal proofread in the next 10 minutes before they lose a potentially huge sale. Everyone fades into the background, as they’ve already got one foot in the pub, but not you… You and your red pen have been waiting your whole lives for this moment.

If you love your red pen, you probably take great pleasure reading documents and scrutinising the phrasing of each and every sentence. Finding mistakes is your bread and butter, and you fist pump every single time you find a misspelt word and correct it. The world needs people like you – you’re the cornerstone of office society.

A Pen with Several Other Uses – The Multi-tasking One

Does a pen that doubles as a highlighter, bottle opener or spirit level make you feel weak at the knees? If so, you’re probably the first one to jump to the rescue of anyone with an issue in the office. A broken chair is no match for you and your pen that doubles as a screwdriver.

If you do jump at the chance of owning a pen which has several other uses, you are most likely a well-respected member of your company, thanks to your resourceful handyman skills. Keep doing what you’re doing – you’re an office superstar!

Fountain Pen – The High-Class Citizen

Ah yes, the fountain pen. You take great pride in carrying a spare pair of ink cartridges around with you and simply can’t wait to pop them out when your pen inevitably runs out of ink.

You’re a dainty writer and take great pleasure in the intricacies of writing. Your writing is almost impossible to decipher by the average person, but that’s fine; you secretly enjoy the fact that people have to come and ask what each word you’ve written means. Keep fighting the fight, fountain pen writers – you may be an endangered species, but you are by no means redundant!


Here at EMC, we have a whole host of fantastic, printed pens and promotional pens ready to advertise your business. But what will you choose? A sensible, practical ballpoint pen, or will you show off your extravagant side and opt for a pen that doubles as something else? We can’t wait to find out!

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