Using your staff as a promotional tool

A continued and sustained advertising and marketing approach is crucial to ensuring that your business continues to attract new business and gain success. Whatever field you work in it is crucial that you look to the future and take the appropriate steps to ensure that it is successful for your business. One of the most underused tools in advertising is your staff, not specific promotional staff but your staff that work for you every day. There are several ways in which you can utilise these staff as advertising tools and if your business is not regularly doing them then you need to change your practices and open up to the benefits that they can offer.

Keep them informed

Your staff members are your first point of contact between your business and its customers so it is crucial that they are able to inform customers correctly. Whatever your business offers then your staff should be able to answer any customer queries that they are presented with. This shouldn’t stop at products or services but also any offers that you may have on at any given point. Get your staff informed and enthusiastic and your customers will follow suit.

Make them a visual advertisement

Promotional clothing that highlights offers and services that your business provides will ensure that they are constantly walking around advertising. These clothes will also help to differentiate them from other people in the store and make them stand out as staff members. This makes it far easier for customers to approach them as there is no chance of mistaking them for a member of the public.

Have them hand out info

Whether you are at a tradeshow or simply at the till in a supermarket it is vital to ensure that you are giving out the right information. One way to ensure that people retain the information that you give them is to give it to them in a physical form such as promotional material or promotional products. Have your staff offer these useful items out to customers and it will ensure that they are contributing to the future footprint of your business.

So if you are looking for cheap and simple ways of making sure that you are getting the best from your business looking to your staff may hold the answer. Simply making sure that they are proactive and engaging will do wonders for your customer service and in turn for your business.

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