Use Promotional Pens to Market Your Business Now

We understand just how important it is to be able to carry on marketing your company in an effective way during the COVID-19 pandemic. For this reason, we aim to help you by discussing some of the way you can use promotional pens to remind your existing customer base of your products and services.

Senator Liberty Basic Ballpen

Image: Senator Liberty Basic Ballpen


Take a look at how these advertising gifts can give your business a promotional boost during these challenging times.

Why Should You Use Promotional Pens?

First of all, it’s important that you understand how promotional pens can be effective for your business.

One of its main benefits is that they get passed around. Your promotional pens may end up in the hands of someone you didn’t even target in the first place, which means you are improving your brand awareness just by using these simple advertising gifts.

Just think about it; someone who has your pen may lend it to a co-worker, who can then leave it with their boss or even take it home. Pens travel and can have a long lifespan.

What’s more, pens are cost-efficient. You don’t have to go over budget with these items and they give you a lot of return on investment, considering they’re a wandering ad to your business. Everyone needs pens as well, so you can be sure that you won’t run out of a target audience to send pens to.

As with all our promotional items, including our pens, we have many items available. From printed pens to branded pens of all colours and types, you can select the ones that best reflect your marketing needs.

bowie ballpen

Image: Bowie Ballpen


Top Ways You Can Use Promotional Pens to Market Your Business

Mail Out a Promotional Pen with Your Product

You may want to mail out a personal letter to your clients – or supply partners – to thank them for supporting your business. If this is the case, why not send them a branded pen with the letter? Not only will they appreciate the freebie (who doesn’t like free things, after all?), but they will also be reminded of your business when you include details like your name and contact number.

The same is true for your packages. If you’re shipping products to customers, you can add a promotional pen to the box or envelope, which will delight them when they open the packages. They can also make use of your pens for a long time, which means your branding will have a lot of value.

Send a Pen with Your Marketing Pamphlets

If you’re simply sending out marketing material to potential customers, one way to improve the chances of your packages getting opened is to include a bulky pen in it. People are likely to notice, become interested, and open them. Grabbing people’s attention is the difficult part, so this can give you an edge when it comes to your marketing efforts.

Add a Message to Your Clients

Another great way to promote your business is by adding a nice message to the pens you send out. Your customers will be happy to receive a heartfelt message, such as ‘we are still here for you’, because it shows how much you care and value them. This will help you to forge a stronger relationship with them, since your clients will create a positive association between the pen, the message and your business.

Offer a Free Pen with Each Purchase

Many stores are now re-opening, with many others already opened due to lockdown measures easing up in the UK. If you have a physical store and will be interacting with the public soon, why not keep a small bucket display of pens that people can take with them?

When they need similar products and services, they will remember who to go to because they have your contact details. They may even take more than one to give out to people they know, so your branding can travel far. Staying in people’s minds is important in business, and promotional pens can be a way to achieve that.

Invest in Cross Promotion

Cross-promoting with a local business can help you to raise brand awareness as well. Networking is one of the most important things you can do when you’re running a business, so why not partner up with another business who can distribute your branded pens for you? You can do the same for them as well. You can reach more people, especially an audience that you weren’t targeting before, by doing this.

Franklin Covey Lexington by Cross

Image: Franklin Covey Lexington by Cross


At EMC Ad Gifts, we want to help you promote your business today with our promotional pens. These advertising gifts are useful and practical, and everyone uses them, so they’re the perfect item to offer a customer or potential client. If you want to know more about our pens or any other of our fantastic promotional items, get in touch with our friendly team and we’ll be happy to help.

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