The Ultimate Promotional Gift Combination

When you’re choosing promotional gifts to hand out at an exhibition, grand opening or product launch, you’re going to want the best possible combination of gifts. There’s an art to choosing the right promotional gifts; there’s no point getting just anything branded with your logo with no thought put into it. The types of products you hand out as promotional gifts should suit your company and, crucially, work well together.

Some promotional gifts have always been immensely popular. Fortunately, these popular gifts also work well in tandem to create the ultimate promotion gift giveaway. Here are three kinds of promotional gifts that you should be bringing together for your next promotional gift handout.

Promotional Pens

The promotional pen is a gift that just never goes out of style. Who hasn’t desperately needed a pen only to grapple around and find that they just don’t have one? It’s a universal experience that plagues us all. This is what makes promotional pens such a valuable gift, they will always be useful to people.

EMC can provide you with printed pens and branded pens made to your exact specifications. With your company logo and contact details included on the pen, potential customers will be constantly reminded of your business every time they go to write something down. Pens may seem like a cliché choice for a promotional gift, but you can’t beat a classic.

Promotional Pens

Promotional Notebooks

In a similar vein to the promotional pen, promotional notebooks are also a great choice for a giveaway. Paired up with a pen, these two make a stellar combination that potential customers will just love.

Never being able to find a pen when you need one is bad enough, but couple that with also not being able to find any paper to write on and you’ve got yourself an incredibly stressful situation. That’s why a notebook and pen combo create an infinitely useful promotional gift that people will use time and time again. Notebooks can be made in your company’s colours and printed or embossed with your logo.

At EMC you can choose from simple, lined notebooks, Moleskines, pocketbooks, jotter pads, ones with sticky flags, ones with an elastic band for closing, or even smart wireless charging notebooks. Regardless of your chosen style, promotional notebooks combined with a promotional pen make an ideal combination.

Promotional Notebooks

Promotional Bags

Another popular promotional gift is the bag. Branded bags are just perfect for the likes of exhibitions and product launches. Bags are one of the easiest gifts to hand out to passing people, and they can carry them mindlessly until they get home where they can finally look inside and unveil what they’ve collected.

Promotional bags are great because everyone wants one, and you can put promotional materials such as leaflets, booklets and business cards inside for people to look at later. People are much more inclined to grab a free bag at an exhibition than to grab a leaflet, so you can put a leaflet in each bag to kill two birds with one stone.

Additionally, people are much more environmentally conscious these days, so they will continue to use your re-usable promotional bag time and time again. And with your branding printed on the bag, this should help to create an association in their mind about your company, which could lead to potential sales in the future. Also, as they carry around the bag with them whilst doing some shopping, they will essentially be a free walking billboard for your business, so it’s a win-win!

Promotional Bags

The Perfect Trio

For the ultimate promotional gift combination, take all three of these gifts – the pen, the notebook and the bag – and combine them together.

Put a branded notebook with a matching pen into a branded bag and hand them out at your next exhibition or giveaway. You can either prepare them beforehand, or have the notebooks and pens separate so everyone can see exactly what they’re getting before you put a notebook and pen into one of the bags for those potential customers.

It’s three simple, non-expensive gifts that people will love due to their genuine usefulness. At EMC, we can provide you with a wide range of promotional pens, promotional notebooks and promotional bags designed to your exact requirements. Please feel free to browse our range of gifts and contact us with any enquiries you might have.

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