The Ultimate Fresher’s Pack

Can you believe we are already two weeks into August? The summer seems to have flown by and that means we are nearing September and a brand new academic year. There are many perks to being a university student, but it’s fair to say that one of the most popular is definitely Freshers Week. For students heading into their first year, it’s a fantastic time to socialise with new flatmates, those on their course and others within the university.

Freshers Week is also a prime time to receive freebies, with numerous stalls offering a variation of things to help students with the new year of study. At EMC Advertising Gifts, we provide businesses with promotional items that make the perfect giveaways at events such as freshers fairs.

If you’re looking for inspiration, we’ve asked ourselves; what would make the ultimate fresher’s pack?


Pens, Pens and More Pens

Students understand the importance of having pens with them the majority of the time, yet they are so easy to misplace! At EMC, we stock numerous pens and pencils that are perfect for a fresher’s pack, giving students an array to choose from.


The perfect match for the pen is the notepad, of course; without a notepad, you’re defeating the purpose of having a pen in the first place! Students need notepads for many obvious reasons and including one in their freshers’ pack is ideal – it will also make them very happy. Our notepads are perfect for students, so have a look at our fantastic range to see what we have available.


No student fresher pack is complete without a USB drive! These are essential little objects that store all the hard work students have done and will be doing in the upcoming year. This is a must-have product for a student, and receiving one in a fresher’s pack would be the ultimate gift for them. With USBs, there are numerous different styles and sizes you can choose from, and you can view our stock of USBs available and choose the ones you like the most.


Keyrings are a fun addition to any fresher’s pack, and many have been modified to be more than just a keyring. Some come with torches, others come with a mirror, and some are even paired with a bottle opener! There are many great products that can be paired with a keyring which is why they are great addition to any freshers pack.

torch key ring

Mobile Phone Accessories

Students are highly technology led and including mobile accessories into a fresher’s pack will not only be perfect but it will also benefit them. From headphones to gloves to iPhone cases, there is a large selection to choose from on our website!

View Our Special Offers

September is almost here, so there isn’t much time left before the start of university! We have a large range of special offers available, all of which can be included in the ultimate fresher’s pack.

To give you more ideas, have a browse through our new arrivals and corporate gifts UK.

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