Turning Promotional Gifts into Your Business Card

There is no denying that promotional gifts can have a huge impact on your marketing campaign, as they can be extremely effective in promoting your brand and business. They can also help you to make a lasting impression with those you are building a working relationship with.

Business cards are a common practice, with most companies offering one to potential customers. But if you really want to stand out from the competition, why not opt for something a little bit more creative than a business card? Using advertising gifts to promote your brand can offer some of the following advantages:

Senator Super Hit Eco Pens

Image: Senator Super Hit Eco Pens


Why Should You Use Advertising Gifts as Your Business Card?

Promotional items attract people’s attention. Customers like the idea of getting something for free –who doesn’t love freebies? – and when they receive a gift from you with no strings attached, they form a better impression of your brand.

In addition, promotional items are less costly than a marketing or advertising campaign; they last longer and don’t require multiple distributions to keep your branding and information in people’s minds. By giving a gift to a customer, he or she will likely choose you over a competitor, which develops a sense of brand loyalty as well.

You can easily customise a promotional gift according to your audience, which is ideal if you mean to use it as a calling card. What will catch your audience’s eye? How can you clearly express your company’s values? Promo gifts are a simple way to ensure the right message is put in front of the right people!

Paris Porcelain Mug

Image: Paris Porcelain Mug

Which Promotional Gifts Work Better?

Choosing the perfect promotional items as your business card is easier than you may think. Last year, the BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association) conducted research at Marketing Week Live 2017 and B2B Marketing Expo with 200 professional buyers of promotional gifts.

The results of this research are clear. 50% of the respondents said that practical promotional gifts are the best choice, so it pays to keep this in mind when picking out the perfect item to leave a lasting impression. If people feel that your item is useful, they will probably use it for a long time, meaning you’re getting brand exposure with minimal effort on your part.

According to the BPMA, the most common promotional gifts are pens, notebooks, mugs, coasters and mouse mats. But why these items in particular?

  • Pens – 66% of people surveyed in the BPMA study had a branded pen on their desk. Pens are amongst the most popular promotional gifts for a good reason: most people need them and will therefore use them, and they easily allow you to add your message.
  • Notebooks – You can easily add your branding to a notebook, which is a practical gift your customers will use. Neutral colours may be best, as they can maximise your chances of the notebook being used.
  • Mugs – Coffee or tea, it doesn’t matter; mugs are indispensable items not only in people’s homes but also in offices, trade shows or conferences.
  • Coasters – The perfect partner to a branded mug, coasters offer a wide surface that is perfect for your message, logo or contact information.
  • Mouse Mats – Another item that is used in homes, offices, events and conferences. Mouse mats are great for branding, as they are in constant use, maximising your brand exposure.

Rectangular Tyre Brite-Mat®

Image: Rectangular Tyre Brite-Mat®


The common thread among all these promotional gifts appears to be the fact that they are all practical items that can be used every day by many people. They are extremely versatile, as they allow you to add any marketing message you wish and are suitable for a wide range of industries and sectors.

So, whether you work in medicine, manufacturing or entertainment, your business can benefit from a unique ‘business card’ that will help you to stand out.

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