Top 7 Great Eco-Friendly Items to Boost Your Business


The issue of sustainability is not a new one, but there has been a rise in its popularity in recent years. An increasing number of people are becoming aware of the importance of a more sustainable lifestyle and are, therefore, seeking green products, be it for their homes or their businesses.

At EMC, we believe that promotional gifts can be environmentally-friendly as well, which is why we have a vast range of green items at your disposal. We are confident that these eco-friendly products are the right choice for you and your marketing campaign, so why not take a look at some of the items that we offer and see it for yourself?

Fairtrade Bracelets

The increasing focus on sustainability and Fairtrade has been responsible for the creation of many beautiful products, such as our ethical 100% Fairtrade bracelets. And the best thing about them is how they are helping Nepalese communities by providing jobs for local communities and improve the quality of life of many families – so far, 60 Nepalese families are already being supported by sales of these bracelets!

This collection is offered by “A Beautiful Story” and each piece is handmade and, therefore, unique. These bracelets make incredible promotional items as well, with the included coin available in gold or silver. All of the materials used, including the packaging, are eco-friendly.

Wheelie-Bin Pencil Sharpener

Our wheelie-bin pencil sharpeners make fantastic promotional gifts! They look great on desktops and offer plenty of space for your advertising messages and logo. A tiny version of their real-sized wheelie-bin counterparts, this product’s originality will help you to stand out, be it during an exhibition or service launch event.


Few promotional products are as creative – and eco-friendly – than our SunJar! A frosted mason jar that contains a solar-powered light; what more could you want? You can be confident of having a promotional item that catches the eye and that many people will love. The SunJar captures the sunshine for night-time, when it switches on automatically when it gets dark.

This item is not just beautiful, but also practical, as it’s a night light perfect for everyone and every décor!

Recycled Sports Bottle

This product is perfect for the environmentally-conscious person, as it’s useful and made from recycled plastic (polyethylene). This 500ml recycled sports bottle is a fantastic promotional item to give away at any event, especially if you work in the sports industry. This incredibly versatile product comes with a lid that is available in six different colours, so you tailor it to match your branding and your message – which can be easily added to the bottle as well.

Lip Balm

Our eco lip balm is a compact product that can be carried everywhere. It’s also highly practical, especially now with winter fast approaching and the weather becoming colder by the hour! Anyone who’s looking for eco-friendly products is likely to love the way this lip balm was made; recycled aluminium for the container and natural beeswax and cocoa butter for the balm. There are no artificial colours either.

This natural lip balm is great as a promotional item as it comes with a decent print area on the lid where you can add your message.

Denim Pencil

The name says it all! This pencil has been created using recycled denim mixed with recycled plastic, which means that there are fewer amounts of these materials on landfills. Whether you’re attending an exhibition, an award ceremony, doing a product launch, opening a new shop, etc., you’ll find people who need pencils!

Just like pens, these items are pretty much used every day by most people, so your clients – or potential customers – will, no doubt, be more than happy to take them home.

Notebook and Pen

Most people absolutely love stationary (especially if it’s a freebie), so things like notebooks are common and popular sights at events and exhibitions. This eco notebook and pen is no different. Great as giveaway products, they are made from recycled materials and contain 70 pages of spiral bound paper. The blue ink ballpen matches the notebook and comes with a recycled barrel and biodegradable plastic components.

Practical, useful and beautifully-made, as well as eco-friendly. In addition, you don’t have to worry about fitting your entire promotional message, as this notebook provides plenty of available space.

Whether or not you work in an industry that focuses on sustainability, you really can’t lose by opting for eco-friendly promotional items to give away. You will be able to target your audience with your chosen message and help protect the environment at the same time!

If you have questions about this or any other products we offer at EMC, get in touch with our friendly team and we’ll be more than happy to help you choose the right products for you and your business – as well as your marketing campaign.

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