Top 5 Tasty Treats that Make the Perfect Promtional Gift

Edible gifts are a fitting example of the appealing promotional product at its finest. While they may have a finite lifespan, they come with the benefits of being exceptionally affordable and super effective to reach almost any audience for any purpose!

Everyone has their favourite sweet treat, and here at EMC, we like to cater to everyone’s sweet tooth, making our promotional products perfect for any business event.


Fancy a Tipple?

Perfect for any networking event, social business gathering, or even at an exhibition, a bottle of wine or champagne, personalised to your company, is a perfect promotional product to give the receiver a special treat.

Whether you use this gift as a thank you to a client, business partner, or to impress potential clients and customers at a business event, a branded bottle of wine gives a luxury feel, without the luxury price tag.


The Gift of Chocolate

Everyone loves chocolate, but here at EMC, we don’t just believe in supplying a standard branded chocolate bar.

Whatever the season, chocolate is on the cards, but even more so on holidays such as Easter, Halloween and Christmas. We provide businesses with exciting products for specific times of the year, such as chocolate Halloween treats, chocolate Easter eggs and even advent calendars!

It’s no mystery that almost everyone likes a treat, which is why a promotional chocolate bar is a perfect way to get your name out there. You can bring in new business, or keep your current clients happy, whilst supplying them with a delicious gift.


Get the Kettle On!

Just as we are all partial to the odd chocolate bar and glass of fizz, a cup of tea or coffee is perhaps an important part of many people’s daily routine.

From getting up in the morning and having that much needed cup of coffee, to getting to the office and putting the kettle on for your entire team,  hot beverages are a main staple in a lot of diets and lifestyles.

From exhibitions to client meetings,  branded tea bags, coffee sachets and even mugs can add a more personal feel to your customer service.

At EMC we have everything you need for a great coffee meeting with a client or customer- from branded tea bags to the sugar sachets, the mug and even the biscuit to dunk in! We even have a coffee break kit which is perfect for networking events or any business event you are holding.


Let’s get Cereal…

People involved within any working environment are usually busy individuals – many don’t even have time for breakfast! Luckily, this is where promotional cereal bars will come in handy.

Got a client meeting in the morning? Or even an exhibition event? Chances are if you’ve got branded cereal bars on offer as a promotional gift they will be snatched up quickly. If they take your branded cereal bars or biscuits back to their place of work, more people will see your logo, branding and business!

They may be an unusual choice of a gift,  but they are perfect for any audience!


Feeling Thirsty?

Providing promotional drinks at a business event, networking event, or at an exhibition, is the perfect way to get your brand noticed. The usual go-to drink is a cup of tea or coffee, but have you ever thought about providing them with a drink they can take away with them? How about one which has your branding on it?


Consider a branded reusable water bottle or a branded travel mug. These promotional drinks make for a super cool and refreshing way for your brand to leave the building and get noticed!

Here at EMC we like to keep one step ahead of the crowd with our promotional products, providing our customers with everything they would need to get their business and their branding out into the world!

If you are searching for something that is not only a high-quality promotional product but a scrumptious one, we would love to help. Get in touch with our team for more information.


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