Tis’ the Season! Marketing for the Holiday Season

Although the debate may still be raging about when it’s too soon to start thinking about Christmas, those of us in the marketing world know that when it comes to designing a tailored campaign it’s never too soon. The sooner you can start arranging your seasonal marketing, the better placed you’ll be to really make that holiday spirit work for you.

In the mean time, there’s also Halloween and Bonfire Night to think about – and although these certainly aren’t as crucial as Christmas, they’re still good opportunities to inspire your customers if you think they capture the right tone for your brand. So, without further ado here are some of the top seasonal gifts to get you through winter…

Chocolate Halloween Ball Nets


Simple and sweet, if you’re headed to a marketing event at the end of October you should probably consider switching out your regular chocolates or mint tins for some spookier snacks; the chocolate Halloween ball nets offer exact of all, and also give added options since you can offer them as whole gifts or split them open for more flexibility.

Self Inflating Christmas Bauble

santa bauble

We’re especially excited by this self-inflating Christmas bauble which, with its sense of novelty and seasonal cheer seems to capture what the festive period is all about for a lot of people. This is a great gift to send out to existing clients or to combine with a leaflet marketing campaign – either way, the smile that it brings to the recipients face is sure to leave them with a great impression of your business.

Reindeer Christmas Jumper

reindeer jumper

If you want a higher impact gift then the reindeer Christmas jumper could be the perfect choice! In recent years Christmas jumpers have become an enormous fashion trend, and these days it’s common to see people wearing them from November onwards. We particularly like the reindeer option since it is quite subtle, allowing recipients to comfortably wear it throughout the winter, and not simply on Christmas Day itself.

This is great because whenever people decide to grab their Christmas jumper from the wardrobe they’ll also be reminded of your brand.

Of course, these are just a few of the many different ideas that you can use during the holidays. It’s also important to remember that products don’t have to be explicitly themed around Christmas or Halloween in order to capture the right tone – simply going for red and green colours, for instance, with your Christmas gifts can help to spread some of that holiday cheer.

We are happy to chat through all of the options for promotional gifts with you before you make your selection, so if you’d like some advice then please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 0800 170 7570 or get in touch online. For more information, updates, tips and tricks don’t forget to head over to our Facebook and Twitter and get connected.

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