Tips and Tricks for Hit Promotional Products

Investing in a promotional gift for your business is always an exciting time, especially if you’ve done your research and chosen an item that your target audience is going to love.


There are so many options out there, there’s definitely something to suit every business, industry and audience, so there’s no need to worry that you’re missing out on that all important brand exposure when you choose the perfect item to encapsulate your audience’s attention.


However, with so many choices come a lot of questions and queries. As experts in understanding and providing the best promotional products , and with many years of experience in the promotional product industry, it’s become apparent to us that there’s simply not enough information out there for some people to make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the right product for their business and target audience.

With this in mind, we’ve decided to answer some of the most frequently asked questions that we have been asked over the years using our expert knowledge… and we think that you’ll be surprised at just how diverse and useful these items can be!

 What's the difference between roller ball and ball point pens

ball point and roller ball pens


A pen’s a pen, right? Wrong! With various different pen styles available, we’re often asked to stipulate the difference between two very similar products; ball point bens and roller ball pens.

We’ve all heard both terms being used interchangeably, but are the two really that different? The truthful answer is no, not really! The only difference between them is that a roller ball pen will have a detachable lid whereas a ball point will have a clickable button or require a section to be twisted to be rendered useable!

All in all, the choice is entirely up to you- the only difference is that one will have a lid… the other wont!


Why are promotional pens so popular?

pens and pencil collection

Pens are probably the most widely used promotional product in the world, but why is that? Surely people would appreciate something a bit more useful?

In our opinion, pens are the most useful items to use for promotional products! Think about it, everyone is going to need a pen suddenly at some point, and even if your promotional pen is lurking at the bottom of someone’s bag for months on end, it will eventually be used. This will not only provide them with a much-needed pen in an instant, but it will be a refreshing reminder of your company!

They are also incredibly useful if they get lost; as pens are so essential in everyday life, someone else is sure to pick it up, spreading the message of your company or brand even further! Even more exposure for your money!


what product should I choose if i'm mailing promotional items

envelope for mailing itemsIt can always be a bit nerve-wracking when your plan is to mail out your promotional items, especially as you don’t want them to break while passing through the mail system. That wouldn’t be good for your company image and no one wants to be greeted with an envelope full of broken pen shards.

However, pretty much any item small enough to fit through a mail box can be mailed… provided that they are prepared adequately for transport!

For example, pens can often provide an irritating issue when placed in an envelope and posted; they often poke through the paper of the envelope, resulting in damage or even loss of the item in the post.

One way to combat this is to make sure that they are securely attached to the paper inside the envelope with a glue spot. This will stop the pen moving around so that no tears to the envelope can occur, and your pen will arrive intact!

sending an pen in the mail


In fact, if you are mailing any small promotional gift to your audience, we recommend investing in glue spots and using them on all the items you are sending out! Glue spots are really cheap to buy, but essential for your promotional gifts’ safety when travelling through the postal system!

Key rings can also be mailed, especially if you choose a more modern design. They have been re-designed so that the middle link of the keychain lays flat, eradicating the chances of the ring laying in an awkward way and not fitting through the letterbox!


how can I target domestic customers?

uses of fridge magnets

The domestic market can seem like one of the most difficult to target, especially as their interests will be widely

However, if you really want to make your mark with them using your promotional products, then we highly suggest that you invest in a product which is not only generically useful to them, but can be used straight away.varied.

Items like this could include fridge magnets which provide a useful function – keeping all those important notes stuck to the fridge in a minimal yet still eye-catching way!

You’ve probably already determined the size of the audience that you will be targeting with this promotional item, but deciding on the item itself may seem a little difficult.


what should I choose to send to a large/small group?

big group


Generally, it’s advised that for larger groups, a promotional item that targets a wider audience is preferred. This is so that there’s more of a chance that the majority of people within that group will find it useful. It’s all about trying to cater to all the different interests and likes of that group.

On the other hand, if you are sending the item out to a smaller group of people, then it’s much easier to target the item to that group’s likes and interests. Figure out which item they would appreciate the most and send it to them- this could be a USB stick or something specific that they would need on a day to day basis.

small group




Overall, hit promotional products aren’t overtly corporate. Although you want your audience to notice your business and brand, no one wants to receive a product which is blatantly out to sell a product.

This might seem like a contradiction to what many people perceive a promotional product to be, but take it from us- a useful, well-targeted gift is better received than a bland, corporate product.




We hope that you’ve enjoyed this insight into the wonderful world of promotional items and found the answers to your no doubt burning questions! Should you have more that we haven’t touched upon here, feel free to get in touch with the team here at EMC Ad Gifts. You can call us today on 0800 170 7570 and we’ll be delighted to answer your questions!


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