Things Students Forget to Pack and How You Can Benefit

With the new university term kicking off now, it’s a prime moment to strike, providing a helping hand to students who are, probably for the first time in their lives, away from home. And that inevitably leads to them smacking their heads and saying ‘I can’t believe I forgot to pack that.’

This is where you come in. Don’t undermine them though – this age group are probably some of the savviest shoppers out there, so appealing to them requires more than just a hard sell. Even if you’re not in the market to capture students, you can raise your brand awareness and loyalty by offering something every student needs: stationery.

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Pads and pens are some of the most popular promo gifts – and there’s a fine reason for that. Once they’re branded with your company name, they help reinforce your brand recognition and will inevitably be taken in those all-important exams. Where every other pen falls, yours stays strong. They might be forever thankful that you helped them get that degree. Boom – customer for life.

But stationery isn’t the only items that students inevitably forget to pack. Here’s what we suggest you go for to promote your business to students (just click each one for more details).

Alarm clock

What happens when you your phone dies in the middle of the night? Disaster, that’s what (and oversleeping!). Be the first thing students see when they wake up.

First aid kit

Because accidents, unfortunately, happen. This is your chance to be the hero students deserve.

Water bottle

Studying is thirsty work. And every time a student takes a swig from a bottle, they’ll be reminded of your branded generosity.


Be the life of the party at uni by handing out foldable speakers that can be taken to any event.


Sorry, mums and dads, but your genius kid may well have forgotten this bit of kit. So this is as much about providing a service as it is a necessity.

Hand towels

It’s a standard in the home, but in dorms? These are the sort of items that get heavy use, putting your brand name front and centre daily.

Bottle opener

Because it’s not just speakers that make a party great. How many times have you heard someone say, ‘Anyone got a bottle opener?’ only to have to use their teeth (See ‘toothbrush’ above).

Power Banks

Parents want to know their kids are safe. Students want to stay in touch 24/7. That’s only going to happen with a fully charged mobile.

USB stick

You – and you alone – can protect that all-important essay on Freud, or Feminism in Wuthering Heights, on this honestly awesome USB stick.


A well-chosen promo gift that’s ripe for your audience is crucial if you wish to achieve maximum exposure. If a student has a genuine need for it, it gets used, and if it’s used you get remembered.

Ready to find the ideal promo gift for students you’re marketing to? Then get in contact online or call 0208 492 2200 and we’ll be happy to assist.

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