The Psychology of Promotional Giveaways

At EMC Ad Gifts, we provide top notch products for our customers, whether they’re looking for promotional clothing, promotional laptop bags or travel mugs. Promotional gifts are an important aspect of many marketing strategies because of the way that they make their receivers feel.

But why – and how – do promotional giveaways work? And why should you incorporate them into your strategy?

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The Psychology of Freebies

The psychology behind free things is clear: freebies make people happy. First of all, they feel like they’re receiving a gift; this makes them feel appreciated and shows your interest and gratitude. This can lead to forging and developing new business relationships.

When you put thought into a gift, people are more likely to keep it. Research shows that people tend to keep promotional items for months on end, which means your clients are being exposed to your brand during this time.

It’s worth mentioning that people receive a positive burst of emotion when they receive an unexpected gift; often, this feeling is joy. This means they will also associate your brand with positive feelings. A freebie comes with, usually, low expectations and positive impressions.

Giveaways can also be used to hook customers in. If you’re launching a new product or opening a new store, a freebie can serve the double purpose of advertising it and of getting people in the door, so that they can then stay and spend more.

Additionally, freebies also help to create a buying habit. If you’re offering something for free, some people will be keen on trying one of your services or products as well.


Why You Should Do Giveaways

Promote Brand Awareness

Promotional giveaways will help you to promote your brand. Brand awareness and recognition allows customers to identify with your company and with what you’re offering. It helps them remember your business in the long run, especially if they keep getting exposed to your branding via a useful promotional gift they keep on their desk, for example.

Promotional pens or promotional mouse mats can be a good example of this – these items are practical, and people tend to use them, so your brand will be highly visible whenever they do so. It will be easier for them to recall your company’s name or logo when they need the services you provide as well.

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Image: Rectangular Tyre Brite-Mat®


This means it’s important to choose the right product. Whether you wish to give away freebies for the office, the home or the car, for instance, consider how practical they are and if your clients are likely to make use of them.

Inspire Customer Loyalty

Another thing promotional gifts are good for is customer loyalty. Businesses want to build a loyal client base that will remember and recognise their brand; they also want their customers to choose them if they require a specific product or service. Creating a customer base that is loyal to your brand takes time and effort, but promotional items can give you the boost you need.

Of course, selecting a random item to giveaway or choosing a low-quality product won’t endear you to your audience. On the contrary, by offering higher quality freebies, you’re more likely to be remembered as a high-quality business as well.

Send a Message

As a business, you have something to say. Maybe you want to advertise a new service or, perhaps, you wish to make your brand’s values clear. Whatever your message is, promotional products can help you send it. At EMC Ad Gifts, we specialise in promotional items that meet all our customers’ needs, no matter the type of business you own.

Whether you have an office, work in the sports world, have a business in the travel industry or are going to attend a conference, our products can make all the difference when it comes to telling a message to your audience. You can add your logo, your contact details or any other element to the items, and you can also customise them in regard to size, order volume, colour and more.


When to Use Promotional Items?

Promotional items can be used in a variety of situations, such as trade shows and exhibitions. Who doesn’t appreciate a bag of goodies when attending these types of events? You can also send promotional gifts through the post – promotional paper block and pads, for instance, will fit into any mailbox!

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Image: Notespod Slim

Whether you’re looking for advertising gifts for your school so that you can fundraise for a special event or simply want to promote your online business, there are endless possibilities when it comes to giveaways.

They can be used to enhance your current (or a future) strategy, so don’t miss out on the benefits they can provide your business.

At EMC Ad Gifts, we have many years of experience delivering the best promotional gifts to our customers – we also offer a huge variety of stock, so we’re confident that you’ll find what you’re looking for with us. Get in touch with us to learn more or email us a message on



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