The Power of Advertising Brand Recognition Outside the Office

When most people think of promotional items, they probably conjure up images of pens, mugs, steno-pads and other office-related merchandise. There’s good reason for this: most companies still use these items as promotional gifts. However, it needn’t be that way. At EMC, we understand how important it is to think outside the (office) box when it comes to promoting your brand. Some of the best opportunities for advertising your brand happen outside of work. Another thing to consider when choosing promotional items is reflecting your brand’s ethos and your company’s target demographic in your choice of promotional gifts.

Here’s a list of promotional items that can give your brand exposure all year round outside the confines of the office. These gifts not only offer users versatility but can be used throughout the year, all while reinforcing your company’s branding.

 ‘Selling in the Rain’

Although their use may be limited to rainy days, there are no shortage of those in the UK. And while your brand logo might literally get rained on, metaphorically it will be in the spotlight. Unlike most other promotional merchandise, an umbrella offers a large print area to display your logo. It doesn’t have to be intended only for inclement weather either; a large ‘golf’ umbrella could be used on sunny days, showing off your brand logo in the clear light of day.

As with pens, promotional umbrellas can often get misplaced or forgotten, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, because like pens, they also get anonymously recycled. Lose an umbrella, find an umbrella – and voila! Suddenly a complete stranger who knows nothing about your company or brand is suddenly advertising it every time it rains.

promotional umbrella

Promotion in the Bag

We offer a bag for every occasion; whether it be work, sports, school, travel or shopping, we’ve got your promotional needs in the bag. Next to clothing, bags are probably the second most-used promotional products – they certainly get consistent use throughout daily life, and they tend to be kept over a longer period of time. And if a promotional gift gets used, that means exposure of your brand to potential customers. We offer promotional bags for every occasion and every need, in a wide range of colours, sizes and styles. School bags for educational companies; recycled shopping bag for eco-conscious organic food companies; sport bags for outdoor and sporting goods companies – the sky’s the limit!

promotional bags

Walking Advertisement

Perhaps the most versatile of promotional gifts, clothes are worn (and seen) all day, every day. Although polo and t-shirts are by far the standard go-to articles for promotional merchandise, there are so many other types of apparel that could be even better suited to your promotional needs.  From various colours and styles of hats, jackets and fleeces to ties, scarves and sunglasses, EMC carry promotional clothing for any occasion, suited to the promotional needs of any company. Turn your customers into walking advertisements for your brand.

Smart (Ad) Water Bottles

While promotional mugs most likely live at the office, where they undoubtedly get a fair amount of use, promotional water bottles travel home from work with their owners, then back out to the gym. On the weekends they probably get taken out on that group hike or bike ride or on a picnic; maybe they even get brought to that open-air concert. In other words, they get a lot of use – and a lot of visibility. If you’re a sports-related company, there’s no better way to promote your brand for free. At EMC we have a wide array of water bottle styles and sizes to choose from.

promotional water bottles

Playful Promotion

From frisbees and kites to footballs and yo-yos, we make it easy for you to promote your brand with a bit of fun and flair. While these items might seem an obvious choice as promotional gifts for sport-related brands, they don’t have to be limited to promoting outdoor or sporting goods companies. Again, promotional advertising is all about thinking outside the box, so why not be creative and have fun with the possibilities. You never know, you might discover a whole new target demographic through advertising with promotional merchandise that wouldn’t readily be associated with your company or brand.


Half the battle with advertising is name and logo recognition, so the more free exposure your brand can get the better. Offering customers promotional gifts that they’ll use outside the confines of their office or workspace increases your brand’s exposure to a larger, more varied group of potential customers, thereby increasing the likelihood that your customer base will continue to grow. If you’re looking for the perfection promotional merch for your company, get in touch with EMC today, and let us help you bring your brand’s advertising to a whole new level.

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