The Advantages of Branded Bags

When it comes to promotional items, the majority of people will automatically think of mugs, pens or key rings. But what about promotional bags?

The most important thing to think about when selecting a promotional item is that they will be useful to the recipient, as well as acting as an advertisement of your company to others when it is seen to be used. Cue the bag; one of the best ways to get your company name out there while being super useful!

So, why should you invest in a promotional bag for your marketing campaign?

Environmentally Friendly and Reusable

Everyone will need a bag at some point. Whether it is to carry their shopping, their lunch, or even while on holiday; they are a convenient addition to daily life and are an environmentally friendly alternative to the plastic bags.

They can be re-used multiple times and even passed on to other people if they are no longer required. There’s no better way to introduce your company to other people than providing them with a useful, reusable item!

Varied Styles and Target Markets

To really get the right people sitting up and taking note of your company, there is a massive range of styles, shapes and sizes to fit your target market.

There are laptop bags for your business clients, sports bags for your casual clients and simple backpacks for the explorers out there. The choices are endless with an option for pretty much any target market.

The more people you can attract with your style and design, the more people will hear about your company! Who doesn’t want to be associated with a stylish product?

Out in the World

As we mentioned above, bags have a number of uses. If you go out onto the street right now, we can guarantee you will spot someone with a shopping bag, or a branded bag.

Bags are essentially walking billboards for your company and they are one of the less intrusive forms of advertising. They will get people looking, whether intentionally or not.

Imagine struggling with your plastic shopping bags, then seeing someone striding past with their shopping carefully packed into a canvas branded bag. You are going to wish you had one of those instead of enduring the plastic bags cutting into your hands and splitting halfway home.

With more and more companies charging for plastic bags, re-useable bags are becoming more and more cost effective for people to use, so why not give them a free one that helps your business out at the same time?

We think that bags are an excellent and unique way to get more people to notice your company while out and about doing their daily activities (and not even realising that they are helping you out too!). At EMC Ad Gifts, we have a whole selection of promotional gifts to suit every need, so why not take a look at what we can offer you?

For more information, contact us by calling  0800 170 7570 and have a chat to one of our experienced team.

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