Terrific Teddies

Everybody loves teddy bears – fact.

When it comes to promotional gifts, teddies aren’t exactly the first items that spring to mind, but these unsung heroes are actually an ideal marketing tool.

Loved by everyone, they’re a fantastic way to make people love your business too.

Not convinced? Then read on as we explore the promotional powers of these furry friends.




Enduring Appeal

OK, so we know what you’re thinking; ‘teddy bears are for kids’. But bear with us.

Teddies aren’t just for children. They’re loved by big kids and little kids alike, and have a real enduring appeal. After all, our love affair with the teddy bear runs deep, and we can all admit to owning a treasured bear in our childhood.




Everybody Loves Them

A teddy bear has the power to melt even the hardest of hearts – even if they’re unlikely to admit it.

There are various reasons why these toys hold a special place in our affections. Not only are they a reminder of our care-free childhood days, stroking their soft fur is therapeutic too!

So, if you want to put a smile on someone’s face, then a teddy is just the ticket.

When it comes to marketing, you can use our love of teddy bears to your advantage.

Because we associate teddy bears with feelings of warmth and comfort, by aligning your company with these toy favourites, this will help personify your brand, and encourage people to associate your company with positive emotions.

Would you throw a bear in the bin? Of course not, and your customers are unlikely to either. So by giving a bear, you can also be assured you’re providing customers with something they’re going to keep.




Here at EMC our promotional bears are fully customisable. They’re available in an assortment of shapes and styles, and from brightly coloured beanie bears to traditional teddies, we can provide the right promotional bears for your business.

Our bears can also be customised to wear your company’s logo and name, making them the perfect promotional product.




In addition to promotional products such as our terrific teddy bears, we can also provide an array of business gifts to suit your individual needs and requirements.

Want to know more? Then contact our friendly team today, by giving us a call on 0800 170 7570.


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