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How Your Business Can Leave a Lasting Impression

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  There are many ways to attract your target audience’s attention; we’ve written about it enough. The best ways to appeal to Millenials with their short attention span, the best ways to tempt the more reserved Generation X, we’ve even … Continue reading

The Many Faces of Business Advertisement

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  How can you get your business known? How can you captivate your audience with your amazing product? Using a single platform isn’t enough; it may capture the attention of a few individuals interested in that particular niche of advertisement, … Continue reading

Top 5 Strange Promotional Gifts

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When it comes to promotional gifts we like to think we know what we’re talking about. We’ve been working in the industry for over 40 years, after all. If you’re looking for something a little strange, something unique and different … Continue reading

The Optimal Time to Give Promotional Gifts to Achieve an Impact

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Giving promotional gifts isn’t quite as simple as it first seems. Firstly, you have to work out your budget: how much can you afford to take from your marketing budget to buy printed promotional gifts? When you consider your budget, … Continue reading

Launching a Product with Promotional Gifts

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Launching a new product and ensuring its success is no easy task and many companies who are planning on introducing new products often face difficulties when attempting to get their latest merchandise off the ground. However, there is plenty that … Continue reading

Technology Can’t Beat Traditional Promotional Gifts

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New technology often presents new advertising opportunities. This was illustrated especially well by a trial that saw Bluetooth being used as an advertising medium by a branch of the fast food retailer Burger King located in Luton airport. A billboard … Continue reading

Promotional Gifts We Don’t Even See

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You don’t need to tell me about the importance of branding, but it is amazing how there are certain types and methods of branding we are now so used to seeing that removing them would make something appear seriously amiss. … Continue reading

Canvassing Promotional Gifts

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Last week saw the official request to dissolve parliament and so begin the long process of electing a new (or re-electing an old) government. Since then, local MPs and MPs in waiting have been hitting the streets of their constituencies … Continue reading

Promotional Gifts For The Exhibition Centre

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Now many businesses attend trade shows, fairs and exhibitions on a regular basis. As you walk round one of these exhibitions you will notice that many of the businesses exhibiting will be giving away some sort of promotional gift, anywhere … Continue reading

Show Your Human Side, With Promotional Gifts

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Many businesses rely on the loyalty of their existing clients and a great way of rewarding that loyalty is with business gifts or corporate gifts. You may have had these clients for many years or just a few months or … Continue reading