Singin’ in the Rain: Advantages of Promotional Umbrellas

With summer well and truly over, most businesses will be thinking ahead to the upcoming “rainy” season. With the UK known for being rather wet, especially during autumn and winter, it’s not hard to see why umbrellas are such a practical and relevant promotional product to include in your offerings in the upcoming months.

The last thing you want is to offer promotional items that your audience won’t find useful, meaning that your brand won’t have the visibility you hope for. Promotional umbrellas will keep your clients safe from downpours and your branding visible. They’re indispensable for most people during the colder months of the year and still brought out for the (more than) occasional summer storm. This makes them great items to use in your marketing campaigns, as they’re practical and likely to be used by your customers. There are many benefits of using umbrellas as an advertising gift, such as the ones covered below.

FARE Style Midsize Umbrella

Image: FARE Style Midsize Umbrella



Applying your brand to an umbrella helps you to stand out from the crowd. Utilising bright colours, your branded umbrella will attract consumer attention for all the right reasons. By creating and distributing customised umbrellas for your company, you will gain far more exposure for your brand by creating something unique and fashionable, while also making your brand easily identifiable from its colour scheme and logo.

An umbrella also provides a large print area that you can brand. This means using each individual panel to display your logo, message or image, or adding your branding in any size that you see fit – the possibilities are endless, as umbrellas are highly customisable.

In addition to this, umbrellas are a standout at events such as trade shows and exhibitions because of how uniquely-shaped and large they are; many people give away pens and mugs, so you can more easily catch the attention of the attendees by being different.

Raindrop Vented Golf Umbrellas

Image: Raindrop Vented Gold Umbrellas



Unlike some products that are used for marketing purposes only, a quality promotional umbrella is a very practical advertising gift. This means that your advertising umbrellas will be used on a regular basis by the people you distribute them to, guaranteeing far more brand exposure with very little effort or cost.

The product will also be appreciated by anyone who receives them, as they can get a lot of use out of it. And because rain is guaranteed all year round in the UK, but especially in autumn and winter, your promotional umbrella will be seen by many people in many different locations.


By choosing to promote your brand using promotional umbrellas, you are also making an eco-friendly decision. Unlike disposable forms of brand promotion such as leaflets and brochures, promotional umbrellas do not contribute to public littering and are far less likely to be thrown away by recipients. In fact, umbrellas tend to be long-lasting, because your customers can use them time and time again, which also offers you brand longevity.


Promotional umbrellas are a low-cost way to get your brand out into the public eye. By only producing what you need, you can work to eliminate wastage while simultaneously reaching a larger audience through increased brand exposure. And by selecting durable and useful advertising gifts to promote your brand, you are choosing to produce a promotional gift that will certainly provide a return on your initial investment.


Image: Pro-Bella


Easy to Store

The fact that umbrellas are easy to store is not only advantageous to your customers but also to you. After all, umbrellas are lightweight, are not sensitive to heat and are waterproof, which means you can order them today and store them for a long time until you can use them. They don’t expire either, so you won’t feel pressured to use them immediately and can just put them away and out of mind for as long as you want.

Great for Your Staff

Umbrellas are also a great promotional product to gift your staff. They’re ideal for new employees to familiarise themselves with your brand, as they can help you to deliver key messages. Your staff can also help you to promote your company outside of work by toting branded umbrellas; no matter where they go, they’re be showing off your logo or contact details. These advertising gifts are also a good way to improve staff morale and promote loyalty.


As mentioned above, umbrellas can be customised to meet your requirements; these advertising gifts can also come in different sizes, allowing you to personalise them even further. From large promotional golf umbrellas and medium-sized printed umbrellas to mini ones, there is something for everyone and every business.

We stock a selected range of umbrellas that have been chosen specifically for their durability, low cost and custom printing capabilities – our promotional umbrellas are professionally designed and printed and always tailored to you.

FARE Automatic Mini Umbrella 5560

Image: FARE Automatic Mini Umbrella 5560


The use of promotional umbrellas is a highly effective way to market your brand, holding many advantages over other, more traditional promotional merchandise. Get creative with your branding by distributing promotional umbrellas to your customers, clients and associates – an advertising gift that cannot be ignored or disregarded.

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