Protect Your Staff with Our Branded PPE

Now that workplaces are opening back up and people are being encouraged to return to the office, you need to make sure that your staff feel safe to do so.

It’s an unusual time for everyone at the moment. Some businesses are closing for good, and others are having to change the way they operate entirely. One way you can ensure your workers stay safe and feel comfortable enough to continue working is by supplying them with their own Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

But rather than buying plain masks and visors, why not consider branded PPE? Make sure you let all your customers know how seriously your company takes their safety and the safety of your employees with effective PPE that has been branded with your logo, as well as items that are designed to remind your customers about social distancing. Here’s a look at the range of branded PPE available from EMC Gifts.

Face Masks

Face masks are essential nowadays. Currently, customers are required to wear them when entering shops, and other kinds of businesses will have their own rules, so your staff should be leading by example and wearing masks themselves.

Not only will it help protect everyone from spreading the virus around, but it will also help encourage customers to return to your business. When people see your staff members wearing masks, they will feel like they can safely enter your premises, as many people may be uncomfortable entering a shop where the staff are mask-less.

At EMC, we have a variety of different kinds of masks to choose from, including our 3-ply mask with filter fabric, our N95/FFP2 face mask, our washable face mask with disposable filter sheet, fabric face mask and the multi-mask for both fashion and functionality.

Our KN95 face mask prevents infectious transmission from respiratory droplets, is comfortable and soft with excellent breathability, ensuring that your staff can be productive in their work while keeping others safe. This mask can also be branded with your logo, making it a great way to promote your brand and let customers know that you care about health and safety.

Your branded mask will show customers that you have provided the mask to your workers, and that they haven’t had to supply themselves, letting everyone know that you are taking virus transmission seriously and are taking steps to make your business premises as safe as possible.

Face Masks

Face Shields

Similarly to masks, face shields are also a must-have piece of shielding equipment. Manufactured in clear vinyl so your workers can effectively see what they’re doing while wearing them, they can help to prevent workers from touching their face, which is one of the critical ways that the virus spreads.

Face shields are also an excellent alternative for those who perhaps are unable to wear face masks, and they will show your customers that you are putting safety first.


Gloves are another way you can help keep everyone in your workplace safe, by reducing the contact that your workers have with surfaces that could potentially have been covered in droplets containing traces of the virus.

At EMC, we have vinyl gloves available in boxes of 100 that are food-grade, and nitrile gloves in boxes of 100 that are food-grade, FDA certified and offer superior strength, dexterity and resistance.


Aside from PPE, at EMC, we also offer a vast array of products that can be branded, including clothing like promotional t-shirts. Branded clothing worn by your staff is a fantastic way to help remind your customers about social distancing guidelines and how they can safely navigate your business premises.

At EMC, you can get t-shirts branded in pretty much anything you want. Consider a t-shirt reminding people to keep a certain distance away from each other, or to follow the floor markings in your shop or to wear a face covering. Shirts are available in a huge range of colours and styles to suit all your requirements. We can also provide you with hi-vis vests and jackets for outdoor working, again with all your branding and messages printed on them.


Button Badges

Looking for a low-cost solution to remind people to practice social distancing? Button badges are a great way to do this. Your staff can wear badges to let customers know about rules and regulations, reminders to wash hands frequently and how far they need to be socially distanced from others.

Workplace Safety

At EMC, we believe that operating your business safely and practically is key to overcoming the challenges facing us in the wake of Coronavirus. That’s why we have a wide range of equipment available to help make your business premises as safe as possible.

We have soap or sanitiser dispensers or stations (including free-standing and wall-mountable stations), antibacterial wipes, hand sanitiser bottles, soaps, hand sprays, sneeze guards, thermometers, and a wide variety of signage including floor stickers, poster frames and banners.


These are all designed to help your business navigate these challenging times, providing places for customers and workers to disinfect their hands and help people safely avoid close proximity with each other.

When you navigate the post-COVID world and open up your business, make sure you’re ready with appropriate PPE for your staff and any other equipment you need to ensure that your customers have the confidence to do business with you. Contact us today to find out more about our range of protective gear.

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