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Parker, the luxury name in pens, is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year. Founded in Wisconsin in 1888, Parker has become synonymous with the very best in penmanship and writing, a magnanimous and opulent brand connoting sophistication, elegance and simplicity.

Over the years, Parker has pioneered the way in pens and writing instruments, designing and refining its four fundamental products; the fountain pen, the ball point, the roller ball and the mechanical pencil. Now, in its 125th year, Parker launches the 5th Ingenuity, combining the values that make those four designs individually brilliant, to create something more.

With the 5th Ingenuity, Parker Pens blends the spartan elegance of the modern metallic design with the superior sensation of the softer writing experience, and convenience of an effortless refill.

Essential to the 5th Ingenuity’s design is the core element of the Parker Sonnet, the timeless and graceful fountain, roller ball and ball point pen. The Sonnet is hand assembled for superior quality, emblematic of Parker’s flawless craftsmanship and exceptional status in writing.

The Sonnet was originally launched with the MK 1 in 1993, which has since been superseded by the MK 2. Both models have several variants, particularly in the fountain pen range, with features such as 18kt gold nibs, gold plated trim, and sterling silver shafts. The wing-flow nib, designed by The Chilton Pen Company in 1935 and now a hallmark feature of the Parker fountain pen, provides the most precise nib and ink distribution without blotting for sharp and stylish penmanship.

Over their 125 year history, Parker has implemented and honed their craft to constantly produce the highest quality in luxury pens. A Parker pen is more than just a pen, and here at EMC we offer a wide selection of Parker designs for every requirement. As part of our promotional pens range, our Parker pens can be personalised with our signature laser engraving for a lasting, distinctive impression. Whether you are seeking to emblazon your pen with your company logo to promote your business, or with an individual name as an exquisite gift, at EMC our engraved pens are an effective and elegant way to personalise your writing.

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