Promotional Gifts That People Still Have After One Year

Some promotional are used instantly, others are discarded, and others are kept and used on a regular basis. But how to make sure that your advertising gifts are kept by recipients? The key is to giveaway practical items that people find useful and will want to keep. A good way of thinking about it is to pick objects that most people need in their daily lives.

At EMC Ad Gifts, we want to help you pick the right promotional gifts for your audience, so we’ve selected a few items that most people will still have after one year!


Who doesn’t need an umbrella, especially with UK’s infamous weather? Featuring plenty of promotional space, umbrellas are fantastic advertising gifts for any situation – and you can rest assured that they will be used! These practical items are sought-after by many, especially during autumn and winter, and people don’t like to have to keep buying a new one every time it rains. So, by providing them with an umbrella, your audience is likely to literally keep it for the next rainy, be it now or a year from now!


Everyone needs pens, and everyone uses them too. Promotional pens are great ways to get your message across because they give you plenty of available space to add your message or logo, and people are always in need of something to write with. This is true of every industry, so you can attract a wide range of people with these promo gifts. Whether your customers are from the technological, the medical or the manufacturing sector, or they’re still students, they’ll find pens useful.

USB Flash Drives

Another fantastic way to promote your brand through advertising gifts is to choose flash drives to give away. Most people need digital storage space, be it to save that important work document or to store their favourite ebooks. Whether for leisure or business, flash drives are always a must-have item, so why not use that to your advantage by adding your promotional message to it?

Flash drives also last a very long time, so it’s very likely that your customers will keep them for a very long time too, giving you lots of brand exposure!


An item that has risen in popularity incredibly fast is the powerbank! These little devices help your customers to never run out of battery, so you can be confident that they would use them often. Powerbanks are useful for a range of situations, from business trips to emergency mobile charging when outside the house.

They also provide a large surface for promotion, so you know that your message would not be left unsaid. Just like flash drives, powerbanks last for a very long time, so you’ll find that most people will still use them a year after they got them – at least!


One thing that everyone always needs is bags. Laptop bags, carrier bags, conference bags, sports bags, travel bags… The options are almost limitless! You can easily get your promotional message across with the vast surface area that bags offer, and your customers will likely still make use of them at least a year after they first got it.

Bags are useful, practical items, and a lot of people will also keep them because they are proud of them – for example, technology fans will probably carry quality bags from a Microsoft Tech summit!


Ah, the popular T-shirt – always in style and beloved by businesses and customers alike. Not only do these items of clothing provide a lot of space for branding, but they also tend to remain in people’s wardrobe for a very long time. Everyone loves T-shirts and we’re confident that your customers are the same!

Promotional T-shirts are incredibly versatile and can be used in a vast array of situations, such as sports events, charity runs, product launches and conferences. They can also come in a vast array of sizes, colours and patterns, so you can tailor them to your individual or business needs.

Mouse Mats

Promotional mouse mats are always a great choice! They sit on someone’s desk and are always visible, so your brand gets plenty of exposure all year round. With plenty of space to add anything you want, from your logo and contact info to images and even calendars if you so wish, these versatile items are ideal for both business and home use. For this reason, no matter your audience, you’ll know that people will always want and need mouse mats.


These and more promotional gifts are likely to still be in your customers’ possession after one year. The common factor between them all? They are practical objects that people find useful in their day-to-day. We offer a huge variety of promotional gifts that you can give away to your audience – and enjoy the brand exposure they give you.

Contact us today to make an order or to learn more about what we have to offer!

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