Best Corporate Promotional Gifts for Businesses to Send During COVID

During this strange time, you likely have had many concerns for the future of your business. You may have stopped operations or are operating at a reduced capacity. Perhaps you’ve had to move to an online platform for the first time. Or maybe you’re lucky in that your industry hasn’t been as severely affected by COVID-19. Whatever your position, it’s no question that every industry across the world has had to adapt and make changes to their business processes and operations to continue working safely.

Your physical shop might not be open to as many customers as before, and perhaps you’re concerned about losing business. That’s where promotional gifts can help. Promotional gifts are a fantastic marketing tool to help remind customers of your business and draw in new leads. Everyone loves receiving free gifts, and couple that with your contact info on the product itself, you essentially have an advertising flyer in the hands of your customer base but in the form of a useful tool or gadget that they won’t just toss away instantly.

So, here’s why promotional gifts can be the perfect way to bring in customers during COVID, and what we offer here at EMC Gifts:

Business Gift

Why Promotional Gifts Work

Promotional gifts are the perfect marketing tool. They significantly boost brand recognition, which means that your customers can identify your company in an instant just at the sight of your logo. They will help your customers remember your business in the long run, especially if your promotional product stays with them and gets used repeatedly.

Promotional gifts provide everyday exposure. Unlike TV ads or billboards, which are only glanced at for mere seconds and forgotten about, promotional gifts have staying power. A pen, notebook or USB stick that is used most days will be continuously seen by the customer who utilises it, as well as others who see them using it. And with your logo and company name emblazoned across the product, you’ll be getting free advertising every time they use your promotional gift.

According to research, 71.6% of people who received promotional merchandise can remember the name of the company that gave it to them. Unlike business cards that will be thrown away or tossed in a drawer and never looked at again, promotional gifts will be out front and centre in a person’s everyday life, and your company can benefit from all that exposure and positive associations.

Promotional Gifts From EMC

At EMC Gifts, we have a large variety of promotional products to choose from. Whether you’re looking for the classic promotional pen or mug, or a unique gift like a stress ball or charging bank, we have everything you could ever need. Take a look at a few of our selected products:

Keyring Torch

Keyrings are a great promotional gift as everyone has keys and needs something to hang them from. Couple that with a keyring that has a useful function like our 3 LED Keyring Torch. This aluminium torch produces a powerful light for its compact size, is available in shiny, anodised or matte with a choice of colours to choose from and a print area available for your company name.

Torch Key Ring

Hand Sanitiser

With everything going on at the moment, hand sanitiser sales have skyrocketed. Make sure you get in on this trend of people carrying around hand sanitiser wherever they go with a 50ml Desktop Hand Sanitiser Gel. It’s the perfect pocket-sized hand sanitiser for cleaning hands on the go and gives your customers protection against germs anywhere. With a print area available for your company name and logo, let your customers know you care about their wellbeing with personalised hand sanitiser.

Desktop Hand Sanitiser Gel

Smart Utility Card

Our Smart Utility Card brings more than 25 useful tools into a single compact, credit-card sized package. It’s stainless steel and includes several different sized tools including screwdrivers and hex wrenches and a bottle opener. It’s the perfect useful tool that your customers can take with them anywhere.

Smart Utility Card

Enamel Mug

Enamel Mugs are ideal for camping in the great outdoors or for family picnic days in the park. As COVID-19 has put many holiday plans on hold, more and more people than ever are opting to go away in the UK and indulge in more holidays at home. Camping is likely to increase in popularity over the next few years even as borders open up. So, a personalised enamel mug with your company’s brand logo is perfect to capitalise on this growing trend.

Enamel Mug

At EMC Gifts, we have a vast range of corporate promotional gifts for you to choose from. Make sure your customers remember your business despite these uncertain times with some promotional gifts from EMC. Contact us today to find out more.

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