Promotional Bags: Turning Customers into Posters

Bags have always been a great form of advertising; this is not only down to the fact that they are immediately useful, but also the fact that they are continually useful. A good quality bag, whether it is a carrier bag or a backpack, will continue to be useful to customers for quite some time. It is now common practice to take your own bags to the supermarket to hold your shopping, meaning that even bags which used to be disposed of almost immediately are now being used and seen for much longer periods of time.

promo backpack

This continued attention and usage makes bags a great way to draw more attention to your business and services. Bags provide an excellent canvas on which to place details of your business; even a simple logo will get people’s attention and prompt their curiosity to investigate your business.

For proof of how well bags can be used as advertising tools, you need look no further than high street clothes retailers. Until a few years ago, it was only very high end fashion stores that utilised paper shopping bags adorned with their logo on the side. In a very short time though, other retailers caught on to the fact that these paper bags allowed for a flatter exterior surface, allowing less distortion of the company details, and more stores quickly began to utilise them.

Whether you are giving your promotional bags away, such as gift bags or as a prize, or are charging for them, they are sure to act as great advertisers for your business. By simply branding them with your company logo and some very basic information, such as contact details and a basic services description, you will be turning every customer that takes one into a walking poster that will do all the hard work for you.

promo carrier bags

More permanent bags such as backpacks are perfect for providing a lasting mobile advertising tool, as they are sure to be carried around by customers for (potentially) years. The positioning of a backpack is also directly in other people’s lines of sight; in busy areas such as city centres people will inevitably spend extended periods of time looking directly at the bag.

Here at EMC, we understand the impact that promotional products can have, and so we provide a huge range of promotional items of excellent quality. Whether you choose to go for a more permanent bag, such as a laptop bag or backpack, or just smaller carrier bags, you are sure to quickly see the effect that this well placed advertising can have upon your business.

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