Practical Yet Powerful Printed Pens

Undoubtedly pens are a powerful advertising tool, you see them everywhere and they are a cheap and effective way of creating a dramatic impact. The printed pens stocked by EMC advertising gifts range in price, staring from just pence you could have your company name printed on a pen.

showimage3The pens come in various different styles, colours and designs; so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect one suited to your business. The promotional pen doesn’t have to be cheap and cheerful; it can be presented to a valued client as a promotional gift; the executive choice.

There’s no denying the value of a good pen is high. Marketing via printed pens, is so simple yet extremely effective. Printed pens are great value, very useful and can survive on the desktop for a long time; so it comes to no surprise that they are indisputably the most used promotional product in the UK. In the business world your company name is everything, you need to acquire as much exposure as possible, the more attention your company has is essentially a measurement for how many clients you have, or will have.
Your company name could be all over the UK in a few weeks, a couple of hundred pounds could get your company logo printed on thousands of pens; these printed pens could then be found in offices, schools, banks etc.

Think about how many times a day you use a pen, Just once a day means you get 365 uses out of that promotional product and essentially 365 glances at your company logo. This simply equates to free advertising all year round for the cost of just a few pence, a truly worthwhile investment.

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