Practical Promotional Products

Practical promotional products typically experience a high rate of retention due to their innate utility. Whilst novelties may well soar in terms of popularity at a promotional event, statistics show that they are soon discarded once this originality has worn thin. Because of this, practical promotional gifts are usually the most effective route to take. Here are a few of the most efficient choices:


When it comes to a practical gift, nothing tends to spring to mind quite like promotional printed mugs. Especially useful in business environments such as offices, mugs are virtually assured to be kept for long periods of time, and also come with the added benefit of being relatively cheap to produce. In an office environment, they will also generate plenty of exposure as they stand idle on desktops, so they are undoubtedly a good choice.

USB Flash Drives

A promotional USB pen is probably going to be one of the most widely used promotional products of all. So many businesses and individuals depend upon information stored on USB flash drives, and when they are turned into a promotional item they constantly expose their user to your brand name. Additionally, a USB pen is a product of a higher calibre than, say, a pen; so they are guaranteed to be well received.


A promotional umbrella is another eminently functional product; especially when you live in the UK. With winter shortly upon us, there will undoubtedly be numerous occasions when an umbrella would prove useful. The fantastic thing about a promotional umbrella is that it generates a far greater amount of brand exposure than many other promotional items. Many promotional products are only regularly viewed by their user, but an umbrella stands apparent in front of the whole high street.


The same principle of getting your brand name visible to the whole high street can be readily applied to promotional bags. In some ways, bags have even more uses than umbrellas, as a promotional bag can be created for almost any occasion. Reusable shopping bags are especially popular today, as they tap into the environmentally friendly initiative that shuns disposable plastic carrier bags. When you factor in other types of bag, such as promotional sports bags, you really do have almost any target market covered.

When it comes to promotional products, there’s a lot to be said for heavily majoring on practical products. Here at EMC Ad Gifts we specialise in providing a comprehensive range of promotional gifts for any situation or requirement. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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