Office Essentials to Include in Your Corporate Promotional Gifting

When it comes to corporate gifts, one thing is clear: office essentials that you can’t go without are always in fashion. From pens to ceramic mugs, these office items are highly functional and practical and are used by virtually all employees in the office.

E commerce gift with blank tag and laptop

They’re fantastic at helping you stay ahead of the competition and get your name and brand out there; after all, you’re getting a lot of brand exposure when these promotional items are used in someone’s office all day. But which office essentials should you incorporate into your corporate gift-giving for the best results?

Promotional Pens

You can never go wrong with promotional pens. They’re one of the most popular advertising gifts, if not the most popular, and while they’re simple and humble, they’re also highly efficient. Promotional pens are the perfect accessory for your busy customers, be it when they need to take a message on the phone, make notes in the boardroom or simply give someone a post-it note.

Pens may also give information on the type of person you are; check out our article What Does Your Pen Say About You? to see how your favourite pen reflects your personality.

Don’t forget to choose a company you can trust and who specialises in high-quality gifts; by choosing quality, your clients will feel appreciated and will more easily form positive associations with your brand and identity.

Lipstick Pen

Image: Lipstick Pen



If you have a promotional pen, you need something to use it on. Promotional notebooks also make fantastic corporate gifts, especially because they can be used in such a variety of settings and circumstances. For instance, they’re just as useful in a meeting with the company director as they are on a desk for an employee to take notes as they work.

Gift this office essential in a goodie bag when you attend an industry event or give it away to your employees – either way, you know it’s going to be used.

Ceramic Mugs

Few things feel as good as that first cup of coffee in the morning. With our ceramic mugs, your customers can enjoy an invigorating shot of caffeine while associating those positive feelings with your brand. A win-win for everyone. Promotional mugs have a large print surface that makes it easier for you to add your message, which will be on display for everyone to see – not just the owner of the mug, but their co-workers, as well.

Mouse Pads

Another office essential that you’ll want to give away as a corporate gift, promotional mouse mats also come with a large print area that you can brand in any way you want. Because every office has computers, mouse pads are crucial and will typically stay at your customer’s desk for a very long time. For such an affordable and simple gift, you get a lot of brand exposure back, ensuring great ROI. From the more traditional mouse pads to mouse mats with USB hubs, we’ve got it all here at EMC Advertising Gifts.

mouse mat with USB hubs

Little Desktop Items

When you choose a good office gift, your promotional items will stay on your customers’ desks for a long time. A good way to make sure your brand will be seared in their memories is by giving away small products that everyone can use.

We stock a huge variety of promotional desktop items you can use in your marketing campaigns, from paperweights, wireless chargers and rulers to fidgets cubes, desk fans and pen pots (perfect for keeping all of those promotional pens). Why not use them as the equivalent of stocking fillers and fill up goodie bags with these small items?

USB Flash Drives

Promotional flash drives are easy to personalise. Adding your brand, message or contact details is incredibly easy and, seeing as these corporate gifts are always useful in the office, you can be confident your customers will love them. Flash drives help to share information, store and transport work, and back up important documents. You can also customise them with promotional material, so you’re doubling your advertising space with these fantastic products.


Tech gifts are always popular, and promotional powerbanks are no exception. In the modern office, most people keep their mobile with them at all times, be it for work, to wait for an important phone call, to listen to music or even to unwind during break or lunchtime. Modern mobiles can do pretty much everything, which quickly drains their battery; in addition, who hasn’t made the mistake of thinking they definitely plugged the charger in overnight, only to find out they forgot?

Powerbanks are therefore crucial items to the modern employee’s desk. People also tend to take them everywhere they go, meaning your brand will be visible to a wider audience.

3000mAh Crystal Powebank

Image: 3000mAh Crystal Powebank


Office essentials are always well received and will keep your brand on everyone’s minds for a long time. The sky’s the limit when it comes to corporate promoting gifting. Because we understand it can be easy to get overwhelmed at the amount of choice at your disposal, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

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