New Season, New Products

This season, EMC have some exciting new products in stock from Brite. Brite are innovative UK based manufacturers who produce promotional items printed with high quality images. For this month, we are offering some great deals on these beautiful bright products. If you are looking for something to boost your image then these products might be just what you need. Buying new promotional products is also essential if you have a rebrand, and these would be great to both display in your office, and give away to customers to draw attention to your fresh new branding.

The following products are on offer from now until 28th March 2014.

Brite-Mat – These promotional mouse mats are printed in extremely high quality colour prints. They are available in rectangular or circular designs, so you can pick them depending on your branding style. Brite-mats are made from a rigid material with a non-slip lower layer to provide support when in use. They are specially developed to offer 100% accurate tracking with an optical mouse, although they also work smoothly with conventional balled mice too.

These products are perfect for distributing around the office to strengthen the brand image. They also make effective promotional gifts to give to clients: a mouse mat is a very practical item so it will be kept, used and viewed; meaning you stay in the mind of your clients.

EMC brite clockBrite-Clock – the Brite clock will add a pop of colour to any office, reception or meeting room. These clocks are made from the same robust plastic as the Brite mats and coasters; they are built to last and sustain wear and tear. These clocks are in either 240x190mm rectangles or 190mm diameter circles with full colour print over the entire surface; so you can choose the shape depending on your branding style. Having a Brite clock in your foyer area will reinforce your brand to customers and clients alike, so they will keep you in mind even after they’ve left your office.

Brite-Dock – the Brite dock is an innovative desktop product which provides a handy storage solution for small items whilst promoting your brand in style. The Brite dock is made from the same durable materials as Brite mats; making it practical and enduring. The Brite dock is essentially a cradle with two non-slip feet, and the front area is printed with your brand in stunning colour reproduction. You can also have the back printed for no extra cost. These handy devices make great promotional gifts for clients: they are highly utile, and the fact they sit upon desktops means they will be exposed to many people. Why not enhance its utility value by printing on a calendar as well as your branding?

Brite-Mat Coaster – the Brite coaster is a highly practical and durable coaster; ideal for stopping drinksEMC brite mat from damaging surfaces. These mats are available in 95x95m square or 95mm diameter round coaster shapes with a hardwearing wipe-clean surface. You can have your branding or promotional images printed in stunning colour with a glossy finish. Brite coasters are ideal for use in commercial premises, such as pubs, bars and hotels, but can also be used in offices.

Brite products will make you stand out from the crowd due to their incredible colour reproduction, and the high quality materials mean they’re built to last. Make the most of our spring offers while they last, and impress both your clients and employees with new promotional items.

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