How to Market to Students: Countdown to September

September marks that time of the year where students are starting out university and, of course, when they’ll be attending the all-important Freshers Week. Freshers Week is always a crucial event for newbie students and to your business as well! Make sure you have your marketing ready to go when September rolls around so that you can fully benefit from such an eager audience thrilled to see what you have to offer.

This event is the perfect opportunity to give away freebies, then! Everyone loves free stuff and students love them even more; make sure your promotional gifts are practical too so that they can use them in their day-to-day activities.

A Month Before

This time is perfect to start getting your marketing together and ready. You have plenty of time to decide how you want to go about it and how you want to market your products and services to students during Freshers Week. What do you want to give away for free? What will be the best products for students? What would they like to receive?

When your business caters to students, it’s important not to miss out on crucial moments like Freshers Week, but it’s equally important that you select the right products. Otherwise, students might ignore your freebie and, consequently, your brand.

If you were a student, what would you find most useful? Ask yourself this question before choosing the promotional products to give away. For instance, pens are always useful when you’re a student, for example, and so are diaries.

Two Weeks Before

Make sure you have your pens and t-shirts printed at least a fortnight in advance. This way, you can still catch and correct any potential issues or modify your freebies with an updated message. Printing your promotional gifts with time to spare can also mean that you’re not stressing out when the time to visit Freshers Week finally comes – or even before it.

If you’re not waiting for last-minute orders or panicking because you misspelt your email and now you don’t have the time to fix it, then you’ll enjoy peace of mind and have a much better time!

You also want to start advertising your presence at the event on social media. Blog about it, write a Facebook post, tweet and, of course, promote your business by telling everyone they can expect free stuff if they find you during the event.

A Week Before

When it starts getting close to the event itself, it’s time to double-check that you have enough freebie to go around. The last thing you want to happen is to run out. There will be countless students floating around during Freshers Week looking to sign up for activities, experience new things, try out their hand at sports they never tried before, etc.

This means you’ll need enough freebies for everyone!

This is also the right moment to come up with a plan of action. Will you go around talking to students? Do you prefer if they come to you instead?

During Freshers Week

Have a great time! when Freshers Week finally arrives, have fun distributing your freebies to happy students and relax knowing you made the right choices – and that you’re likely to appeal to the audience in front of you.


September is not that far away now, so it’s important to start devising a marketing strategy now in time for Freshers Week. Start thinking about what you should give away in advance so you won’t be stressing about it last minute – and you have time to double check your branding and message once your promotional freebies have arrived!

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