Looks Like it Might Reign

Mid-April and we’re finally seeing some Sun, though there are clouds gathering on the horizon, and I have no doubt the April Showers will be arriving any time soon. It’s times like these that force the marketing mind to push new ideas as fewer and fewer people will be indoors when the Sun finally hits the UK. You can’t rely on TV so much in the summer, and even online media might take a bit of a backseat unless you have a mobile app to keep interest. New marketing techniques don’t necessarily mean new products, but there is no doubt that marketing changes with the seasons, and the demand for old things in new ways is as fresh as ever.


Take for example our promotional umbrellas, perfect for the coming showers and a visual bullseye for anyone passing by. You wouldn’t associate Summer time with umbrellas, so how would you go about making “last season’s” product fresh? The answer is by looking at your product from a new angle: thinking outside the umbrella. Switch on any June/July golf tournament and you will be able to spot a host of umbrellas acting as portable shady spots for onlookers and players alike. Who said they were just for keeping the rain off?

Take a look at some of these brilliant marketing ploys on Business Insider. Notice that they use old techniques such as painting a brand on a wall, but innovate the idea to make it more visually appealing by making the paint look like it has spilled out of its boundaries. Your marketing strategy should go beyond simply slapping your logo on something useful, it should be as versatile as the product you are promoting.


This is how you differ from the competition: lateral thinking. The public will respond more to something that they can appreciate not just for the content but the design aspect as well. Branding something makes it in-human, putting your brand into something makes it appealing, even if the product itself isn’t appealing in itself.


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