Kit Your Staff Out With Promotional T-Shirts

Here at EMC, we supply promotional gifts so that, primarily, companies have something to give to their clients in order to create a lasting impression. However, even though giving away freebies is a time-tested way of getting people interested in your brand, you can also kit your event out with staff wearing promotional t-shirts to convey the same message.

Customisable clothing is fitting for any kind of event you’re hosting, as t-shirts can be printed with anything from details of your company to images of a particular product whose launch you want to advertise. T-shirts act as visuals, and visuals stick in a person’s mind much longer than than verbal and written information. But what else can promotional t-shirts do for your business?

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Having you and your promotional staff wearing matching branded t-shirts inspires a sense of teamwork. This will automatically give your event more of a presence with a united group behind it, spreading enthusiasm for your product. To really ensure your branded clothing is effective, hiring friendly, confident team members would be ideal to make a more positive impression.


Having t-shirts printed shows a sense of professionalism, as it tackles another method of marketing for your brand, especially if the t-shirts have your company name and logo on the front. The t-shirts will also act as a uniform, which suggests that you are an established brand with an established working team.

Having staff members wear their own clothing will detract from the professional consistency of the brand, suggesting that your staff might not be as knowledgeable about your product if they can’t be identified as being part of the team.


Having staff wear customisable t-shirts or polo shirts to your event will also get your customers interested in what you’re trying to promote. This is why the design process is particularly important, because an eye-catching and engaging design could prompt and encourage members of the public to ask questions about the company.

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Believe it or not, the style of a t-shirt can also say a lot about the nature of your brand. The t-shirt style has a slightly more simple design which may suggest that your company is more casual and fun, whereas a polo shirt with a stiff collar can look more qualified.

A separate set of designed t-shirts could be given out as promotional gifts to the public, whilst staff wear the more professional polo, so that not only are you creating an impression right there at your event, but they can take your positive message home with them with a t-shirt of their own.

At EMC, we provide promotional items and gifts for a multitude of occasions and events, whether you need small giveaways at your promotional stand, or need items to better explain your brand. For any enquiries about our products and services, feel free to contact us at 020 8492 2200, otherwise you can find us on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter.

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