Keeping It Cool: Business Wear in Summer

With the British heat wave set to last till the end of the month, businesses are beginning to ask the same question: how can our employees keep cool but look professional at the same time?

When temperatures rise, workers tend to dress down. It’s only natural- nobody wants to swelter in a suit and tie. Yet that doesn’t mean that the dress code needs to be scrapped altogether. Read on for top tips for business wear in the summertime…

Employees should…

Leave the shorts and flip flops at home: It may sound overly harsh, but if you work in a busy office or in the world of big business, you might have to meet important clients at any time. If an employee is dressed down for any reason, it reflects badly on the company. These sorts of clothes are fine if you’re going to the beach, but definitely don’t belong in an office.

Don’t show off too much skin: While you can’t be blamed for wanting to wear fewer layers than usual, you don’t want to make the people around you feel uncomfortable. Remember that they’re working with you in a confined space.

Wear light coloured cottons and linens: Rather than cut down on the amount of fabric, think about the materials themselves. Linen and cotton are far better in the heat, and less inclined to make you sweat. You needn’t feel restricted, either- you can find loosely fitted business wear that still looks smart.

Employers should…

Businesses should be consistent: It’s recently come to some employers’ attention that while female employees can wear smart vest tops, male employees are expected to carry on wearing smart business clothing. This shouldn’t be allowed- if the rules are relaxed, it should be the case for everyone.

Bring in a summer uniform: If you normally have to wear a uniform at work but it’s proving too hot, you should seriously consider investing in a summer version. Have a look at our promotional T-Shirts range- they’ll provide a presentable yet cool alternative.

Look after your employees: As an employer, it’s your responsibility to provide your staff with acceptable working conditions. If you’ve switched the heating off and it’s still roasting, think about getting some portable air conditioning. Make sure there’s a constant supply of water close to hand so they don’t become dehydrated.

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