Keep It Catchy: Why Slogans Are Important

Just Do It. We Try Harder. I’m Lovin’ It. Think Different. All of these are great examples of slogans, ones which have stood the test of time – and the tempestuous nature of advertising. But just what is a slogan exactly? How easy is it to conjure up a slogan that sticks? Why are they even important?

Well, we thought we’d cast our keen eyes over the subject, so that when you’re branding promotional gifts, you’ll be a step ahead of the competition.

What is a Slogan?

Businesses often have slogans and mottoes – but where a motto expresses a belief or value (Although some slogans can do that too). It’s used a motivator primarily for those who work at the business. So, for example, Google’s famous, unofficial company motto is: Don’t Be Evil. But how often do you see that on commercials? Never. That’s because…


Slogans and mottoes are totally different. Slogans, specifically, are designed for advertising purposes.


What Makes a Good Slogan?

The best advertising slogans are ludicrously simple. De Beer’s A Diamond is Forever is a prime example of that simplicity. Because simplicity means it’s memorable. But more than that, it communicates the company’s product and its value.


That simplicity means your slogan needs to a single sentence – in fact, check out all the examples we’ve given so far, and you’ll see they’re all just two to four words long. Even longer slogans don’t push it with word count, like Gillette’s perfectly crafted The Best a Man Can Get.


What Else Helps?

That’s not all a good slogan should be. Added to that is a pure timelessness. Sure, some companies chop and change their slogans – Coca-Cola have had so many slogans, it gets its own Wikipedia page.


More to the point, you have to ‘own’ that slogan. Let’s go back to A Diamond is Forever. Ok, De Beers isn’t the only diamond company in the world, but they’re easily the biggest, and arguably the best. So that slogan doesn’t only sum up a belief, it defines the entire company, the quality, the craftsmanship.


Why are Slogans Vital?

Every company wants to be remembered. That’s what keeps the customers coming through the doors – or ordering online, or speaking to you on the telephone, or however else you do business. A great slogan keeps your business at the forefront of people’s minds, whether it’s the kicker in a TV ad or emblazoned across promotional t-shirts.


What a great slogan should do, though, is offer customers and clients something. Nike’s Just Do It inspires confidence and determination – which is precisely what a sports-nut desires. We Try Harder by car rental company Avis isn’t just a clever reference to the far larger Hertz – it also tells customers that they’ll be treated far better by Avis than by their rivals.

Once you have a slogan you and your company can be proud of, you’ll be able to get it out there and into the heads of both existing and potential customers. And that’s where we can help, with a wildly diverse range of promo gifts from pens to caps and t-shirts. Want to know more? Then contact us by calling the team on 0800 170 7570, we’ll be delighted to chat about all your needs.

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