It’s Time to Decide on the Best Promotional Product for Your Brand

It’s Time to Decide on the Best Promotional Product for Your Brand

It’s crunch time. We’re going to help you narrow down the options and pick the promotional product that gives your company the biggest chance of success! When you get down to the basics of choosing good promotional gifts, there are just two core factors that should have the biggest impact on your decision: the needs and desires of your audience, and the personality of your brand. Just click on the red links for more information.

So long as you know these two key things, you’ll be able to consult this master list and get it right first time.

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We are a Down to Earth and Sincere Brand…

This will often apply to smaller businesses who focus on projecting themselves as everyday, genuine and family-oriented.

… with a Young Audience

  • Opt for something that will help your audience relax and have fun, such as sports equipment or a novelty stress toy, which can be especially good for students.
  • A simple choice like a badge appeals to the younger generation’s preference for appearance-related gifts, while also reflecting the relaxed nature of your brand.

… with a Mature Audience

  • Why not try something that’s useful around the house, such as a tool or tape measure? This can range from a simple screwdriver to a full tool set depending on how big of an impact you’re looking to make.
  • If you’re more interested in finding an office orientated gift, we recommend simple, practical items such as paper pads or a classic promotional mug.

 with a Mixed Audience

  • Useful to just about everybody, you definitely can’t go wrong with a good old promotional biro!
  • Keyrings and fridge magnets are also a good choice, since they have universal appeal, and also reflect the relaxed nature of your company.

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We are an Authoritative and Competent Brand…

If you lead the way in your field and are looked up to as an industry expert, or perhaps even a pioneer, this will apply to you.

…with a Young Audience

  • Great for on-the-go youngsters, drinks bottles are good for a company with a very professional face since they also help people keep themselves healthy.
  • Trying to be authoritative and youthful can be a tall order, but products like headphones or foldable speakers can show that you understand your audience without moving into novelty territory.

… with a Mature Audience

  • Promotional pens are a great choice in this category if you go for a high impact option – such as this stunning choice from Parker – as they are both luxurious and practical.
  • While drinks bottles worked well for young people on the go, a pedometer might be a good alternative for older audiences looking to stay in shape – show that you want to help them to help themselves!

… with a Mixed Audience

  • Simple it may be, but a promotional diary offers almost endless options for customisation, so when you’re trying to reach out to a mixed audience you can have multiple choices available; appeal to a varied crowd without overstretching your budget. 
  • If there’s one thing that people of all generations share it’s a desire to improve their living space, so homeware gifts can have a broad appeal – promotional clocks are a great starting point, with lots of different options.

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We are an Innovative and Exciting Brand…

Often applying to young start-ups and tech orientated companies, this applies to spirited, youthful brands with their finger on the pulse.

… with a Young Audience

  • It might not come as much of a surprise to you that we’re going to suggest tech gifts, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t be effective. Your audience is plugged in, and when you give out novelty USB hubs… so are you.
  • Staying on the tech theme, our selection of unusual mobile phone accessories – including key ring phone stands and wind blockers – give you the chance to stand out from your competitors.

… with a Mature Audience

  • Looking to help an adult audience have a good time? Promotional bar accessories, or even just a simple bottle opener, are sure to be highly appreciated after a long day of work.
  •  Adult audiences don’t necessarily wanted to be treated like grown-ups all of the time, and you can set yourself apart from other companies by sending out fun, novelty gifts that let people embrace their inner child.

… with a Mixed Audience

  • Think of a cotton tote bag as the blank canvas on which you can unleash your brand identity. Commission an incredible piece of branded artwork or come up with a funny slogan and this will become a popular fashion accessory as well as a great marketing choice.
  • Who doesn’t like a brew? Promotional mugs are popular because it’s an easily branded item that you find in pretty much every home across the country – and with options such as the chalk mug, you can also make these customisable for your audience, one of the key routes to increased engagement.

With this list you should be one step closer to finding a product that will get your customers excited about your brand and help to grab their attention or improve loyalty. If you want to delve a little deeper into the options that are available then please give us a call at 0800 170 7570 or contact us online today; our highly trained team will be happy to help you select your promotional gift.

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