Ion Watches

Part fashion statement, part practical necessity, ion watches conveniently and stylishly solve the problem of keeping time whilst playing sport. It’s a difficult conundrum, trying to figure what watch to wear whilst playing, or even how to wear it. Plenty of sports demand that you keep accurate time, and yet without a realistic way to do so it’s likely that you’ll have half an eye on the clock on the wall, or constantly have to ask the referee for time checks. iON Sports Watch

Ion watches solve that problem expertly. Not only this, but they’re also proving quite a fashionable hit, as a cool, funky way to keep time that won’t break the bank. As seen on celebrities like David Beckham and Jake Gyllenhall, the ion watch has been adopted as a bold, colourful statement that belies its inexpensive nature.

What’s more, ion watches make great promotional gifts as an alternative to the usual end-of-pitch or office freebies. Watches are always gratefully received, and the ion sports watch provides an unusual and original way to make a lasting impression. Brightly coloured and idiosyncratic, the watches complement any look with an inherent playfulness that is the perfect foil for their simplistic practicality.

At EMC Ad Gifts we can personalise your watches with the branding or message of your choosing, adding a further level of individuality to these already characterful watches.  Available in mens (19cm), ladies (17cm) and childrens (15cm), these watches also make great end of year gifts for pupils, or sports watches for the whole team.

Whatever you decide, ion watches are a revolutionary way to keep time under the most strenuous conditions. Whether on the pitch, court or outfield, an ion watch is the perfect way to stay on the clock when under pressure.

For more information about our ion watches, or to contact us about any of our promotional watches, please contact us on 0800 170 7570 and a member of our friendly team will be happy to assist you.


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