How to Target the 5 Senses

You want to sell your products or services; that’s the main aim of any business. How you go about capturing the attention of your intended customers is a vital point to consider. One of the best ways to target your customers is through their senses. It’s proven that we access our memories via our five senses, and you definitely want to make a memorable impression. This can sometimes lie solely on how you stimulate your customers.

In this blog we’re offering you some ideas on how to use business gifts to stimulate your clients’ five senses and leave a positive, lasting memory of your business.


We’re a species of touch. It starts at birth, when we first learn through touch, so why not stimulate this sense? We offer a range of leisure activities and games for your customers to get their hands on. From golf enthusiasts to family fun days out, our range of balls, games and golfing accessories will help to stimulate your customers’ touch sense. When they come to use your gift, they will subconsciously link you to the fun and excitement they’re having and create a positive association.

 Grandparents Taking Grandchildren On Trip In Open Top Car


We’ve mentioned in previous posts that food and beverage are great business gifts. Well, we’re mentioning it again! Did you know that by accessing the taste sense you’re also accessing your customer’s smell sense, as you mainly taste your food and drink through smell?! Combining these two senses will bring back a very strong memory and you want to be a part of that.  By offering your customers wine and champagne and sweets, chocolates and mints, you’re creating a subconscious link between your business and each of these individual gifts!

crate of wine


Sight isn’t always the easiest sense to stimulate, you see so much in your day-to-day life that sometimes memories can run into each other. Having something solid to refer to, an object seen every day, for instance, is a far more substantial stimulus than a fleeting gift. At EMC we offer homeware gifts such as cups and plates for your customers to reuse time and time again. Car stickers are also a great sight stimulus; not only will your customers subconsciously search for their car by your sticker, but other travellers will take note of your brand name too.

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Sound is another sense difficult to stimulate- though if your business talk hasn’t stuck with them you can always offer them gifts to stimulate their memory. In this day and age technology is on the increase (we don’t mean to state the obvious) so offering technology as a gift is much appreciated. Headphones, earphones and speakers are a great way to stimulate your customers hearing. When they’re travelling on a busy train, in the car, or at work, listening to music or audio tapes is paramount in relaxing and unwinding, and by using your gift to help them calm down their subconscious can relate their comfort to the gift you’ve given them.


As you can see, there’s a lot more to handing out a business gift than simply getting into your customers good books! A bottle of wine and a chocolate box shared by friends will create enjoyable memories linked with your brand name. Family days out at the seaside with a beach ball and game of Frisbee will create happy, exciting memories all related to the slogan or name branded gifts you’ve offered them. You can see what business gifts we can offer you at our website or you can call us on 020 8492 2200/ 0800 170 7570 for more ideas on gifts to stimulate your customers’ senses.

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