How To Tailor Promotional Freebies To Your Clients

Freebies are a great way to build loyalty with clients and delight those who receive them. They are an important and simple way of promoting your brand or business, as they set a positive, lasting-impression for your existing and potential client base. 

Show an In-Depth Knowledge of the Industry

By giving your clients something useful, they’ll be exposed to your brand more frequently. In turn, they’ll be more likely to recognise your brand when it comes to making purchases in that field. Knowing the industry you’re aiming at can help you tailor for that client.

If your client base is in the construction industry, ideas for freebies could include a 5m Tape Measure, as it relates to their line of work. For those targeting the healthcare industry, there are numerous products that your clients could benefit from.

Knowing what your client-base needs can drastically help tailor your freebies, and any research you conduct about your target market can be used to your advantage.

Surprise and Delight with Your Freebies

An unexpected freebie can build loyalty; your rewards are memorable to the customer and can help you move a step closer to building a lasting relationship.

Timing should also be assessed when tailoring freebies to your clients. Summer, for instance, is a great time to send promotional sunglasses as its merchandise they can use.

Consider Companies Who Have Merchandise Success

There are numerous successful companies who are well-known for giving freebies to their consumers; building a fantastic, loyal relationship with everlasting clients.

Are there any that come to mind? The variation of freebies on offer is huge, and can be anything from a free drink to a small piece of merchandise.

Coffee shops are renowned for treating customers with free drinks using loyalty cards. After the consumer has bought a certain amount of drinks (proven by stamps on their card) they are eligible for a free drink. This method has created a fantastic loyalty base with consumers as they continue to frequent one business to receive a reward.

If you also work in the hospitality industry, why not offer your regulars a free travel mug when they’ve made a certain amount of purchases?

coffee drinker

Supermarkets are also part of an industry that gives away freebies so their customers can try new products. Admit it – we’ve all been excited by the stall in supermarkets with trays of free foods to try! By giving away freebies that are tailored to their client-base, shoppers become excited and feel as though they are trying something exclusive and special.

As well as samples, and free versions of regular purchases, you could offer something that they will find useful even when they’ve left your establishment. Are office workers the biggest portion of your customer base? Promotional mouse mats could make their working life a lot easier!

So if you’re looking to wow and impress your customers, have a browse through our new arrivals to explore what freebies can set you apart from your competitors.

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