How to Cater Promotional Gifts to Your Clients

When trying to decide what kinds of promotional gifts to buy, there are many different things to consider. You could decide based on the type of industry the recipient belongs to, or use their age as a factor, or even do some research into the most popular kinds of promotional gifts that people want to receive.

However you decide, there are thousands of different kinds of products to choose from here at EMC. So, here’s a look at the different types of gifts you could get for businesses, students, new clients of yours, existing clients of yours and, finally, your own employees.


When gifting items to companies that you correspond with, you need to remember a few things. Mostly, you need to ensure that your gift is sensible, practical and warranted – so no plastic water guns or teddy bears.

You can’t go wrong with the good old promotional pen. Take these Senator Point Metal pens, these ballpoints have a large capacity refill, solid metal top section and come in a choice of different colours, with space for your logo to be printed. People always need pens, so they’re still a perfect promotional gift every time.

Senator Point Metal

Similarly, the notebook is a classic choice that goes right alongside the pen to make an ideal gift combination. This A5 Bowland Notebook has a soft finish, coloured elastic closure, pen loop and bookmark, as well as a back pocket to store notes.

A5 Bowland Notebook

Finally, this Precision Hard Top Mouse Mat is perfect for those who work at computers all day. Its special reflective surface makes optical mice tracking 100% accurate, and it comes in a variety of different shapes and can be customised to incorporate your design background image and contact details.

Precision Hard Top Mouse Mat


Students love free gifts; there’s no doubt about that. If your business has a stall at a University Freshers Fair or any student-orientated event, you need to make sure you have plenty of freebies to give out.

Students are always on the go to and from lectures, and they love the environment. So, combine the two and provide eco-friendly re-useable mugs like this Bamboo Coffee Mug. It is made from bamboo fibre, which is biodegradable, and it is available in a choice of colours.

Bamboo Coffee Mug

Students are forever losing their pens. So, tap into their environmental consciousness with the Eco Notebook and Pen. It’s the perfect recycled item that students will love.

Eco Notebook and Pen

Drinking is a big part of student culture, so make sure your stall includes some kind of bottle opener. This Mini Bottle Opener Keyring is perfect for students to put on their keys, ready for any pre-drinks. And with a print area for your logo, it will be seen by many students over and over again.

Mini Bottle Opener Keyring

New Clients

You can’t leave out new clients when it comes to promotional gifts. But how do you distinguish their gifts from clients who have been with you for a long time? Well, try the Trolley Coin Keyring, it is a very affordable gift that is infinitely useful, your new clients will love how thoughtful it is.

Trolley Coin Keyring

Bags are a wonderful gift because we always need them. With your logo printed on the Lucas Drawstring Rucksack, your new clients will forever be reminded of your business when they use it.

Lucas Drawstring Rucksack

Finally, throw in something unique and useful, like this Sycamore Solo Box, a powerful torch that includes a branding area on the lid, so your brand is getting out there.

Sycamore Solo Box

Existing Clients

You can’t forget your existing, loyal clients; they need some love too. For such fantastic loyalty, think more significant, more unique gifts, like the Smart Wireless Powerbank 8000 mAh. It charges phones wirelessly and features USB charging with an LED torch and an 8000 mAH polymer battery.

Smart Wireless Powerbank 8000 mAh

Or how about a truly unique yet surprisingly useful gift? Like this Bottle Cooler, an insulating gel-filled bottle chiller that can fit all wine, beer and champagne bottles. Perfect for all sorts of celebrations.

Bottle Cooler

Finally, show them you care about their well-being with a Winter Fit Kit, a handy tin that comes with tissues, hand sanitiser, a heat pack and lip balm. Available in a range of colours and a print area for your logo. And when they’re done with it, the tin makes a fantastic pen holder.

Winter Fit Kit


Who could forget their own employees? They should be shown appreciation too, and what better way than with promotional gifts? Try a Stress Ball, perfect for those tense days in the office when work in piling up.

Stress Ball

For those cold, winter mornings, your employees will love an Icescraper; it’s a credit card shaped scraper that can be tucked away in a wallet and brought out to rid windscreens of that nasty ice.


Finally, for all those teas and coffees that are being made in the office, you can’t go wrong with a Square Type BriteMat Coaster. It makes the perfect addition to the office, and also has the added benefit of being made from 99.5% recycled materials.

Square Type BriteMat Coaster

We hope you’ve managed to figure out what kinds of great promotional business gifts you need. At EMC, we provide an extensive range of gifts that you can browse on our website, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about any of our products.

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