Go Green! Eco-Friendly Promotional Gifts!

If you’re trying to make a massive impression with your business by using promotional gifts to wow your future clients, by opting for gifts out of our Eco-friendly range you and your business will be doing something good for the environment and will look more caring to your clients – everybody wins!

Sometimes when people think of Eco-friendly products you compromise on options and quality, but not with us here at EMC. Our range of Eco-products has everything from denim pencils to eco-friendly lip balm.

With plastic and aluminium taking over 500 years to break down and decompose it makes sense just to reuse them instead, especially with a product or gift that can become useful to your future client. This post is going to showcase our fine variety of eco-friendly gifts that will help make your company stand heads above the rest.

Denim Pencils


These pencils are made from at least 30% recycled denim, as well as recycled plastic. An eco-friendly novelty pencil like this in the office will turn heads and get people talking. A pencil with these qualities won’t get thrown away or dismissed like a regular pencil leaving your business name hanging about the office for weeks and weeks!

Lip Balm


Whether it’s freezing outside and everyone’s suffering from chapped lips or summer and people just want to care for their lips, lip balm is always a winner. A cute little custom printed lip balm tin will hang around in an office, in a handbag, and even at home till every last bit is used, and in doing so leaving your company name in plain sight for months. Plus with it being eco-friendly you score points for being good to the environment!

‘Grow Your Own’ – Terracotta Pots


‘Just add water!’

These fantastic pots make great decoration for those boring office desks. When your client looks over to their own little desk garden they will instantly be reminded of your business, and so you can  make a long lasting impression. These come with a choice of a lucky clover, a Sunflower, Venus Flytrap, or Wildflower seeds.

Eco Kites!


Some of your clients are more than likely to have kids, and why not give a promotional gift that they can take home and give to their little ones! If you’re offering these out, at a networking event or at a conference, mums and dads will be sure to take them off your hands. So no matter where your client is, whether it’s in the office looking at your name on his custom printed Venus Flytrap, or on the beach flying your company’s kite with their kids, you and your business will always be with them, again, making your company unforgettable!



No eco-friendly promotional pack wouldn’t be complete without a pack of seeds! A seed stick is almost the legendary product of the eco-range and can be extremely useful or pretty for your clients as well as being a fantastic marketing tool for your businesses campaign. The choice of seeds here at EMC include: Mixed Herbs, Mixed flowers, Forget me not, Alyssum, Snapdragon, Babies Breath, or Love in a mist!

We stock all this and so much more in our eco-friendly section of EMC, with over 50 different eco-friendly products alone to choose from. Our other promotional gifts include everything from printed umbrellas to custom laser etched power batteries for smart phones!

If you want to know more about any of our promotional gifts please don’t hesitate to contact us now on 020 8492 2200 and we will guarantee that we can find the perfect promotional package for your campaign in 45 minutes!

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